Two months earth side

Our little woman is two months and I can’t deal. With Lorenzo I always thought the months went so slow and the newborn stage would never end and now I’m sad because the months just keep flying by and pretty soon she will be one and my baby days will officially be over for good.

Two months and this is how we are going.

I’ve definitely adjusted to being a mother of two and feel more balanced than what I was like the first month. Some days are hard and other days I’ve got all my ducks in a row and killing this whole motherhood gig.

We finally are having a bit of a routine in the Caesar household and now working with Elizabeth and her cues. The only thing I still need to work on is time for myself, finding time to have alone time is so important for me to stay a happy mum and not feel overwhelmed and at the moment trying to find five minutes to myself is still so hard but again this will take time and slowly come again. 

How breastfeeding is going?

Two months in and breastfeeding is finally feeling normal and natural for me. Elizabeth is doing well with her night feeding and has a big five hour break from her first feed to the next. She now feeds from

6:30-7pm she has her first feed.

7:30pm her and I go into the room and turn the lights off and close the door away from her loud brother. This is when I pat her and play soothing music in the background. 

She sleeps from 7:30pm-11pm.

Feeds until about 11:30pm or midnight then goes back down until 3:30am.

Her last feed is 5am then she’s back asleep until 7am.

So yes as you can see she does well at night with her feeds and this works for us.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about her day feeds. If she could be feeding all day long she would be. But I’ve been pretty strict with her this past month and we are working on bigger breaks in-between her day feeds. I’m trying to get her into a every 3 hour feeding routine so I make sure I have written the time her feeds end and I will count from that time for when her next feed will be. 

My sleeping beauty

Elizabeth and sleep was a battle in the beginning but I’m happy to report she’s improved heaps this month. Last month she was only sleeping on me and hated her bed, this month she’s sleeping so well at night and in her own bed it’s amazing. Unfortunately we are still working on date naps in her own bed but again this will take time and it’s all about baby steps.

Six weeks check up.

Elizabeth had her six weeks check up and shots, we learned that she’s put on 2kgs but we also learnt she is tounge tied. Unfortunately this means she needs surgery to correct it. We booked this in for the 2nd of July and hopefully this will mean dummies and bottles as she hasn’t been able to take these two items and is very fussy most of the time.

Postpartum body update.

Two months from today I gave birth, I’ve been slowly working on my health & fitness. I’ve been on youfoodz since our one month update and have been keeping up with my fitness. Unfortunately I did have one bad week when my lady friend began for the first time since before pregnancy, I think that week I just craved sugars and soft drink and gave in. But I soon got on track.

How’s Lorenzo taking his big brother duties.

Lorenzo is such a good brother to his baby sister. When I was pregnant I’m going to be honest I really didn’t think he would be good but I was proven wrong by him. He is forever giving cuddles & kisses and is very protective to the point he will yell at you that she’s his baby girl.

Two month milestones

° Elizabeth can hold her own neck up for a few minutes by herself.

° smiles and giggles

° can focus objects and people around her.

° longer sleeps in-between feeds at night

° starting to get her baby talk on.

° Elizabeth has found her hands and feet.

Our first month as a family of four 🌷

It’s already been a month!? It feels like just last week I gave birth to our sweet baby girl.

As i sit here and write up this blog I have baby girl sleeping in my arms after a feed and my two year old eating breakfast well watching his morning kid shows. This month has been one big old blur with me trying to juggle being a mother of one to now a mother of two!? I still can’t believe how much my life has changed “again” in the space of a month.

So how has our first month been?

Our first month with Elizabeth has been a busy first month, I have struggled trying to adjust from being a mother of one too a mother of two, it’s this crazy feeling you just can’t explain until you become a parent of two.

You always see those parents with two children all over your social media’s looking like they have their sh*t togther and make it look so easy, well I’m sorry to say it’s all a lie. It’s so easy to share the great moments of parenting and not share the truths.

This for me was a struggle into parenting two kids, because I honesty felt like I was failing because over on my Instagram all I would see was how easy it was for other mothers and I was crying everyday and struggling to find time to have a shower and shave my legs.

But I’m happy to report after the first 3 weeks were over I began to feel like myself again, I started getting the hang of parenting a two year old who throws tantrums from time to time and a newborn who some days just wants to be on the boob all day long.

How is breastfeeding going?

If you haven’t had a read of my breastfeeding blog I did cover this whole topic. Breastfeeding with my two-year old just didn’t happen “which explained in detail over on that blog.” But because of my first experience I really didn’t think breastfeeding would happen the second time around and yet this time it happened so naturally and although it was hard work the first few weeks Elizabeth and I are both doing well on our breastfeeding journey together and I’m loving those extra moments between herself and I.

Too sleep or not to sleep.

Our first month with Elizabeth and sleep unfortunately hasn’t been a win for us. She does well with her day sleeps away from me, she will happily sleep in her bassist or swing but our night sleeps in the bassist have become non-existent. But if I have been honest I haven’t really been fighting her on this and have enjoyed our chest to chest sleeps, although she doesn’t do well sleeping in her own bed when she sleeps she’s pretty good. She now sleeps longer intervals during the night but she does have her “fussy” hour from 3:30am-4:30am. 

I have decided to buy a sleep help guid now that she’s a month old I do want to now focus on making her a routine something that will help me and help her, I also will be trying to get her to sleep in her bassist over the weekend well hubby is home and I can have that extra time and help. Lorenzo our first-born was also the same and we had to work with him to get him to sleep on his own, took us a few days and was long and hard but we got there and I know we can with Elizabeth as well. 

If the shoe fits?

I swear Lorenzo had out-grown all his new-born clothing by the time he was one month, just from being a super long baby. So again I don’t why I did this but when buying clothing for Elizabeth I didn’t spend much on newborn stuff and began buying for 0-3 months which turns out I’m still struggling to fit her in newborn outfits as some are still too big.

One month milestones.

• Elizabeth is already trying to hold her head & neck up on her own.

• Elizabeth can turn her head from side to side already

Only child no more?

When we first brought Elizabeth home Lorenzo was half and half about his feelings towards his new baby sister. Now we are month in and his love has grown but he still doesn’t understand. Lorenzo still is adjusting to having to wait for something he needs or wants because I’ll be busy breastfeeding or changing baby sister, but the way both hubby and I look at this is his learning that he doesn’t get everything he wants straight away anymore… now if only we could get him to share and all will be right in the Caesar household.

My postpartum body?

I’ve cut out some bad habits due to breastfeeding but I haven’t really forced or focused too much on healthy eating and working out, this first month has been crazy and it has been more about getting myself in the correct head space and adjusting too my new life with two kids.

But I would love to point out breastfeeding did help me lose a little bit of that tummy which was a nice little surprise.

But I can’t wait to keep you all updated on my postpartum journey, I’ve just did a massive food shop with youfoodz online and as gyms are still closed I’ve gone out and bought myself heaps of gym gear as well as buying Kayla Itsines “sweat app for my at home workouts.

This month has gone so fast and has come with some bad days mixed with the good days. I’ve loved becoming a mother or two and I’m thankful each and every day for two healthy children I can’t wait to see what the next 11 months have to offer.

29 weeks done and dusted

Holy heck I’m now officially out the 20’s and hitting the 30 weeks!? Blows my mind.

Wow I don’t even know how to start off with how crazy this week has been and I can feel myself getting more and more over being pregnant as the weeks go by.

This week’s pregnant systems:

Heads up this weeks a little TMI!

• feeling funny in the stomach… honesty don’t know how to word this but for the women out there my week started off with me feeling like when you are due for your period and you keep running to the bathroom to check because your body just feels like it’s leaking or it’s about to start… well yeah I had that feeling which started my week off and lasted a few days to be honest but nothing came of it?

• on the 9th of February I had a night of cramping which happened twice and about 20 minutes apart but again it stopped after the second and never came about again and I went to bed to sleep and was fine the next day.

• my bathroom breaks are becoming more and more and I’m talking lose bowel movements… I seem to poo a lot this week… again TMI I know

• diarrhea Monday 10th but only lasted that day and soon stopped.

• sleeping habits have changed and I’m now waking up at night a lot.of break sleep.. I’ve actually found sleeping on the sofa I get a better night sleep which is so weird.

• heartburn is still very much a thing and reflux

• headaches on and off this week.

• the pregnancy waddle is very much alive and feeling baby girl head down of I walk too much. Gone are the days I could walk the whole food shop with ease!

Bump update:

Bring on 30 weeks I’ve got this!

The Caesar family ♡

Lorenzo is two!

I’ve been doing updates on Lorenzo since I was pregnant with him and I’ve updated on his one year update and now I can’t believe it’s time for his two year update!?

It’s so crazy to think back to the very beginning and how it’s been two years being his mother.

Baby Lorenzo

These past two years have gone by so fast and I’m loving watching him grow up.

His likes:

• he is very much an outside boy.

• water play is his favourite kind of play.

• loves to get messy and I think I’m bathing him sometimes twice a day.

• fire man Sam is his favourite show at the moment which it used to be paw patrol but he’s slowly getting bored of this show.

• loves buses, trains, plains, trucks & police cars.

• likes painting and puzzles


• veggies – yes I already have a picky eater and if he sees any he won’t touch so I usually have to hide them.

• sharing his toys ” we still are learning.”

• hights

• loud sounds do freak him out and he even calls our vacuum a dinosaur.

Lorenzos favourite food:

• pasta he likes plain pasta

• rice

• fish

• banana

• blueberries

• roast veggies is probably the only kind he will eat.


Social ~

• copies others with actions & words

• shows excitement when around others

• independent

• difent behaviour ” very much”

• interactions with other children.


• can point and let someone know what he wants

• can say up to seven names, objects, body parts.

• follows instructions

• can say words together ( still working on full sentence)

• repeats words

Problem solving:

• enjoys puzzles and can spend more than five minutes doing so.

• can hide a object and remember where he placed it even the next day.

• enjoys building blocks and also knocking them down.

Gross motor:

• kicks a ball

• runs

• climbs

• can walk up and down stairs on his own.

• throws a ball over his head

• can draw

Two years ago I became a mother, being Lorenzo’s mother has been the best two years of my life. Lorenzo has become my best friend and my son, I got so lucky having him in our lives daddy and mummy love you very much our boy.

My favourite part of the day is also bed time and no not because I’m putting him to bed but because of the bond and routine we have made with Lorenzo. Every night putting our son to bed it’s always hubby and I together, we tuck him in and read a book as a family, we both kiss him to bed and say I love you to the end of time and leave him to sleep. Those little moments are my favourite and the moments hell remember forever.

Lorenzo Robert Caesar we love you too the moon and back 💞

20 weeks down, 20 to go!

This week in pregnancy has been a very easy going week for me, this week definitely felt like a nice walk in the park compared to other weeks.

This week’s symptoms:

• heartburn when eating really salty foods hits me like a ton of breaks so I tend to stay away from those as much as possible.

• headaches that last a while definitely still there and annoying.

But that’s really all I have to report for pregnancy symptoms, it’s been a easy week in terms of real pregnancy symptoms.

Bump update:

Size of a sweet potato according to the app.

How I’m emotionally feeling:

This week I’ve felt hit and miss a little, I’m definitely ready for work to be over for the year as I think just the over all work load is starting to hit me like a ton of bricks and being pregnant on-top of that isn’t the easiest. I’m tired 50% of the time but like every other day I just have to keep going no matter how much I just want to curl up back in bed.

Baby girl movements:

Unfortunately I haven’t really felt baby girl kick yet, I do feel her move from time to time, this week’s movements have gone down a little bit which had me a little worried at first but I still feel her time to time.

Ovarian cyst’s update:

At my last scan my doctor actually checked up on my ovaries and turns out they have decreased in size heaps this pregnancy and my ovaries are looking healthy. This pregnancy seems to be helping my ovaries and making them healthy which is good news as with my first pregnancy they were really bad.

Back problems:

My lower back pains seem to just be a pregnancy thing unfortunately. When speaking to my doctor about this he said it was very normal when it came my pregnancy being close together. I’m trying to take it easy but again as we only have one week left of work with the children we have been flat out busy. So it’s hard to take it easy when work has been so crazy!

18 weeks of pregnancy

Well it finally happened! I finally went out and bought a pregnancy pillow. Definitely was needed as sleep has become a very non enjoyable time for me, baby girl doesn’t like if I lay on my right or left side and I struggle sleeping on my back so I’ve decided to give the good old pregnancy pillow a try.

Also I really wished I could pass on the heart burn this pregnancy, but unfortunately this week its come back in full swing and has even made me throw up… So definitely not enjoying this feeling but it could be worse and I’m glad it’s not.

This week’s symptoms:

• heart burn

• break sleep some nights

• tiredness

• sickness

This pregnancy has been so different from Lorenzo but definitely for the better, I was in and out of hospital with my son and this time around the only bad thing I have to say is I get the worset heartburn.

How my ovaries are going:

With Lorenzo I was told I had ovarian cyst’s and they reached a size of 30ml, at the beginning of this pregnancy I definitely was feeling the same sharp pains I did with lorenzo and I knew straight away it was my ovaries. After having a scan on them I was told my cyst’s are back but in a form of a heap of little ones which apparently is some what normal in pregnancy and my doctor doesn’t seem to be worried. As for my pain levels they definitely are not as bad compared to my last pregnancy and I was told to just take it easy which will manage my pain levels.

Energy levels: I thought I would add on a few extra details into my weekly updates and one I’ve been feeling I talk about a lot is my energy levels. My friends say they have noticed I’m not as tired as I was when I was pregnant with Lorenzo and I definitely can notice those moments, but I honestly think I’m just better at this whole being pregnant part because it’s not my first time. Personally I feel way more tired than last time but I definitely think it’s because last pregnancy I could just sleep when I wanted a nap… Clearly I don’t get that this time around because I have a almost two year old. But definitely feel I’m handling my energy levels a whole lot better than last pregnancy.

18 week bump shot!

Diet: my weight management this pregnancy has definitely been a whole lot better than last pregnancy but I think it helps when my only craving this whole pregnancy has been soup and I’ve been having soup every day for lunch at work. I definitely could be a whole lot better but I think I’m doing ok, I haven’t gone up a dress size at all this pregnancy just yet which is an amazing record for me.

Can’t wait to see what the nineteenth week brings!

The Caesar family ❌

14 week pregnancy update

The weeks are beginning to go faster and faster and it’s making me feel less & less organised.

This week was definitely a weird one for me… Not too many of the normal pregnancy symptoms but definitely a few I haven’t experienced with Lorenzo at this stage of pregnancy.

This week’s symptoms were:

• feeling tired and not a little tired I mean having naps at work nearly everyday tired. Which with Lorenzo I felt at the beginning of my pregnancy but it soon passed so this isn’t a normal thing for me.

• this whole pregnancy so far I’ve eaten and eaten, but this week it’s definitely slowed down and I’ve even thrown up my dinner one night.. so loss of appetite is definitely here, which again is a weird one for me as I never felt this with Lorenzo.

• morning sickness has definitely come back and at such silly times for example just last night at around 8:30pm I began to feel so sick! Again didn’t feel this with Lorenzo.

To say this pregnancy is 100% different to my first is definitely very true. This pregnancy has definitely been easier as in I haven’t had a hospital trip at all with Lorenzo I was in hospital so many times and having all these extra scans because of all the health issues. This time around everything is going well and I’m having the normal amount scans “which took a while to adjust too.”

The only thing that has stayed the same is with my first born I do have a blog somewhere all about how I was told I have ovarian cysts and with Lorenzo I had about 30ml with added little extra ones. This pregnancy I’ve been feeling the same pain in my ovaries but unfortunately I don’t see my OB until the 11th of November so two weeks away. So at the moment I’ve been applying heat packs to my belly and having Panadol when really needed.

Bump update 🤰

Big brother showing some love this week.

I can’t believe I’m now heading into being 15 weeks pregnant, we have a scan at 16 week’s which is the scan we find out the gender which we are starting to want to know the gender as I just don’t think I can do the whole pregnancy not knowing!

The Caesar family ❌

12 weeks

This week was a very long week and a very challenging week as well, but i made it to the end of the week and thank goodness for that!

This week my toddler not only has become a very clingy boy towards his mum he’s also been very hard to cope with and when you add pregnancy into the mix, it unfortunately just became a week that I’m glad to be seeing the back end of.

We add a scan for baby again because in our last dating scan my ob could give me a exact date as the baby was small for nine weeks. Thankfully this scan baby is growing and healthy. His or her heartbeat has gone down from 175 to now sitting at 165. In the scan our baby’s head was down low and legs kicking up the top of my belly, little jelly bean kicked out their legs and we got to see how long our baby is and just like daddy and Lorenzo I think it’s a tall long baby just like them, so my kids are one day going to out grow me!

The scan photos aren’t that great because jellybean was moving too much but thankfully we got a nice video.

As for symptoms this week:

  • Definitely can’t eat any fast food without wanting to vomit
  • Still peeing a lot
  • Really dry feeling in my mouth, always wanting water.
  • Heartburn
  • Those veins have popped in the upper chest area nice and blue so my boobs are getting ready for milk.

But this is about it in the symptoms department.

Bump update:

Not just a regular mum 💌

11 week update

Honestly this week has been total bliss! Had a few days on and off with morning sickness but he would last only a few minutes and the feeling soon went away!

Honestly the only down side this week was that my boobs killed me!? I never experienced this with Lorenzo so for it to happen this time around and so soon hit me hard. I’m now wearing comfy bras most days and it’s amazing.

Those food cravings have also come back and all I wanted this week was chicken nuggets from Macca’s which I’m trying so hard to have a healthy pregnancy this time around so it was hard not to give into my needs!?

Week 11 was a breeze and I wish I had more to report but I don’t!

I have a few blogs coming out that are not pregnancy related and I’ll be sharing my first one some time today which I can’t wait as I’ve been working on these blogs for a few weeks now and I know some of my followers are getting tired of just weekly pregnancy updates.

Our big one year old

Every month until Lorenzo was one I blogged his milestones and loved them, I was sitting down writing in my journal of blog topics I want to cover, and I actually just want to give you all a general life update on my son because I think he’s changing so much and has done so much since turning 12 months.

Lorenzo Robert C. Is 19 months old for those technical people.. but we just say one. As a teacher I’ve always been on Lorenzos milestones and making sure he meets them.

Gross motor:

  • • can walk up and down with ease.√
  • Can walk up and down stairs with help.√
  • Can throw a ball overhead.√
  • Jump in one spot. √
  • Run.√

I follow a milestone check list and Lorenzo is actually at a two years level which are.

  • Walks up and down stairs one at a time on his own. √
  • Runs without falling. √
  • Kicks a ball.√

Fine motor:

  • Builds 3-4 block towers.√
  • Turns 3-4 pages in a book.√
  • Scribbles.√
  • Uses cup and spoon. √


  • 10+ words.√
  • Identifies objects and can say what they are.√

Social & cognitive:

  • Has temper tantrums.√√
  • Understands what’s his.√
  • Interacts with others.√


  • Wiggles (Emma wiggle is still his favourite.)
  • Paw patrol
  • Outside play
  • Cars and anything transport
  • Music and dancing
  • Messy play
  • Shoes 😂
  • Rice


  • Being up high
  • Shopping for long periods at a time

Things that we have cut out:

  • His cot is gone and has a big boy bed.
  • His dummy is gone for good.
  • He wears pull ups not nappies and we are slowly transitioning him to the toilet.
  • No bottles only has rice milk with dinner.

Goals we are working on right now.

  • Saying please not (ta) anymore
  • Washing hands before dinner
  • Putting things in the bin
  • Sharing toys.

I’m very happy with where Lorenzo is in the milestone chart and feel lucky so have such a easy first child ( sometimes.)