Nursery tour 🌷

I’ve had so much fun buying all things girly and pretty for our second little baby, I did enjoy doing the same for Lorenzo but not going to lie buying cute little headbands and outfits is all that little bit more special.

I’m happy with how her room turned out and can’t wait to see her in it.

Her nappy change table set up is pretty simple. In one basket I have nothing but singlets for under all her zip ups as she will be a winter baby. The other busket has lots of socks to keep her little toes nice and warm.

The baskets I was given by my sister when I was pregnant with Lorenzo so I unfortunately can’t write where they are from.

Change table is from target. Retail price $100

Behind the baskets I have some nice warm blankets. With also some sleep wraps for when she’s a newborn. Then I have a basket at the back which is filled with wipes, baby creams and shampoo and a baby bottle with her first packet of newborn nappies.

In the coner of her room we have the cot all set up for her but she won’t be sleeping in her own room until six months so we do have her pram nice and set up in front of it and out of the way. With her pink winter blanket.

Her cot again from target and the retail price is around $100 And $50 for mattress. The bedding & change mat are from my first pregnancy with my son so haven’t upgraded in those areas.

Her wardrobe tour ♡

Most of them are bonds as I love bonds

Her four white cube is from kmart Australia. Retail price $19 the little fake plant is $9 and the diffuser is $29 All kmart

Chair is kmart $69 And foot stool also kmart $29 And pillow is also kmart $5 the cow rug us from my son’s old room from kmart but can longer rember the price.

The cow high rug is again also kmart retail price $30

All up for the decor in baby girls room we spent about $190 on her room this is not adding in the cot or change table etc as we had already pre owned them from our first child so if you factor those items the total amount of of baby girls room is $390.

I think when it comes to styling your home the way you want to style it doesn’t have to coat you a arm and a leg and you can style a room on a budget as well. I love kmart because of this reason and I’m actually so happy with how her room has turned out and I can’t wait until she’s here to enjoy her room.

Hope you have enjoyed her little nursery tour.

What Santa got my toddler for Christmas 2019 🎄

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely in love with all things Christmas! But my favourite part is buying my very busy almost two year old his Christmas gifts from “santa” I’ve always been a gift giver rather a gift receiver.

For my son’s second Christmas we wanted to go less crazy and way more practical! Last year we got way to much and half barely is touched.

Every year I turn to my trusty friend Pinterest! If you don’t have a Pinterest account then trust me you’ll want one! And if you do, please follow me so I too can go and look at your pages, because it’s honestly my most used app on my phone and I love getting ideas!

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Every year I begin my Christmas board!

In my Christmas board I found a really great way to space out the chips for Lorenzo this year and not have too many at the same time.

Obviously the person who made this had two kids which next year I do. But for this year I ended up changing the idea a little. I saw the “s” which gave me the idea ( from santa) a I’ve turned the “E” into a “P” ( from parents) which means in total that’s eight gifts plus his stocking will be filled with all these little Nick nacks.

Now that I’ve covered how I did my gift list for my son this year! Let’s get shopping!

Something he needs.

From the something he needs list from us we said bath toys which #kmart ended up having a little great game, that was not only very cheap but also will be a focusing game that will challenge lorenzo to keep them floating which from a educator point of view I loved! This will keep him very busy in that bath.

From something he wants from parents we got him a wooden school bus kit because he loves buses, trucks & cars. He’s definitely a boy!

School bus kit

From something he wants from santa we found a farm animal kit that we know he will love the most!

We already covered something he needs from santa which is a bath game, but from us we decided to buy shoes! He goes through his shoes like no tomorrow, as he goes to daycare 3 days a week and next year will be four! We headed to the Nike shop and found the perfect pair. We went with a summer pair and for his birthday will probably go for a winter pair but we space it out because he’s a January kid so we need to save some things for his birthday!

For something he needs, this kid also is very good at just going through all his clothes he just grows like a weed! He’s tall just like his dad. So I feel like I’m forever buying clothes for him more than me.

From santa we just went with heaps of nice clothes some from cotton kids, H&M and target, just tops and pants.

From us we wanted to get him a few new PJs for the year. For PJs we went to my favourite shop which is Peter Alexander we bought one nice set from here because I just couldn’t help myself.

For something educational, from santa we got him a all in one art easel, that we know he will love!

And from us the parents we got him a puzzle/ learning toy.

And that is what we got Lorenzo gift wise for Christmas, he also has a Christmas stocking so we have made a list of items (small) that we will be putting in their.

And our Christmas stocking list is:

• ball ( he loves bouncing balls)

• toothbrush ( always need to update)

• a kids bath bomb ( something little)

• little hot cars ( he loves cars)

This year was easy and bought all the gifts before December has even begun! All thanks to Pinterest and online shopping! I would love to here ideas of ways you guys do Christmas shopping for your kids I’m always looking for cost effective ways to keep myself from spending way too much and also buying way too much. Also if you loved this blog say tuned as I’m working on my gift list for 2019 so if your looking for ideas I’ve got you covered.

The Caesar family ❌

I’m still learning, parenting isn’t perfect!?

Mum confession, the other day hubby went out for the day and I was left with our toddler for the whole day, it was raining and storming and we were stuck inside all day.. this drove us both mad… By the afternoon hubby was home and I was meant to go out to dinner with some of my girlfriend’s but plans changed, which was completely fine but here comes my mum confession. After dinner and having my toddler literally throw his spaghetti at me I got dressed and told my husband I just needed time & got in my car and drove to Kmart. I had no use for Kmart I definitely didn’t need anything but I just needed to re group again before I regreted.

I know that my son was only horrible that day because his dad left for the day and we got stuck inside all day due to heavy rain & Strom. But I would be lying if I sat here writing this if I didn’t also add in I’ve been struggling with how to deal with my toddler?

I love my son so very much he’s my whole world but sometimes I feel like im failing as a parent because of his behaviour some times. How do parents survive the terrible twos?

I know this stage isn’t going to be forever and that my son is just learning in this stage of life and he can now say the word “no” and is still understanding what it all means. We are in the transition stage from baby to child, going from cot to big boy bed, dummy to no dummy, bottles to no bottles.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment i forget this and I get fustrated with his actions and then I try to disapline him when he himself isn’t really aware of his own actions yet. I’m trying to work around the terrible two stage and in return how to love this stage.

Again everyone knows I love my podcasts ” Don’t worry I’m not going into detail again.” But in this podcast they came up with steps to help mothers and what we should “try” Honestly at this point I’m trying anything!

  • Giving your child independents “im not talking full-blown” but in the podcast a great point was made up, let your toddler pick his own clothes out, of course you pick two options you like then have your toddler decided. Or asking your child between two different snacks which one they want. Treating your toddler like a child not a baby anymore.
  • Durning a tantrum it’s important to remain calm and avoid disapline in that very moment. Instead ignore the child and avoid eye contact in that moment until they calm down, once the tantrum is done then talk calmly to your child and reassure them they are loved and how to use their words.
  • Tantrums in public are ok it doesn’t mean your a bad mum, pick them up and take them to a calm area of the shops and just hug them until they finish and again talk to them afterwards.
  • Show as well as explain you can’t just explain without showing them.

These four helpful tips will hopefully help me towards an easier stage of the terrible twos and maybe even enjoy it. I’ve decided to practice what I write and in two weeks I’ll update you guys the outcome if it’s working or if it didn’t. If you too are dealing with the terrible two stage, please remember your not alone and it’s not inbracing and all parents have hit this stage once or twice in their life, this is something I’m still trying to tell myself.

We are all doing amazing and every parenting is different so never compare.

Not just a regular mum 💌