Our #COVID 2020 easter at home.

Our easter long weekend has changed so much in the past few months and now it’s changed massively with everything going on around the world.

Our original easter plans that were made 2019 was a family road trip with my whole side of the family.. but we soon found out we were pregnant and due around easter and it was too much of a risk so my family were still going but we would stay is Brisbane.

The second lot of plans was a easter lunch as always but now we face the covid 19 issue and are on lock down which means it’s going to be a lonely easter at home for us not spending our time with family. Which we know staying home and doing our part is a must and we are happy to follow the law at the moment, but we still want to make our easter enjoyable for our son Lorenzo. This will be his last easter as a only child and we wanted to make it a big one.

Here’s how we are celebrating our #COVID 19 easter at home.

Lorenzo enjoyed his first ever easter egg hunt as last year he was still so little, daddy set up some little chocolate around the house “not too many as he can’t actually have dairy..” but we tried, massive fail and daddy did most of the nappy changes that day.

I actually ended up hurting my right foot and it turned out that I sprained my ankle so this was me with my two new friends bill and Bob. Apparently being 38 weeks pregnant just was too boring and so life added a sore foot into the mix. I can safely say bill and Bob are no longer needed but not I’ve just turned into Mrs limp a lot!

We did church from home and it was a fail Lorenzo cried and wanted Peppa pig but we tried..

Hubby made a roast pork for dinner and we tried to make our day as special as we possibly could as we had no other family members. Turns out we failed and next year Hopfully will be much better.

But in saying all that I’m blessed for what we do have and that is our family, a roof over our heads and food on the table. How did you guys spend your easter 2020 this year?