Finding out it’s a boy!

The day we found out it was a boy was one of the best days of my life.

Even before I fell pregnant I always knew I wanted a boy first if I ever was to have kids one day. My mother gave birth to a baby boy my brother tony, sadly he did not make it. I missed out on growing up with a brother and I always knew that I wanted a little girl that had a older brother, someone to protect her, someone to look after her. So finding out our first was a boy was the best news ever.

Not to mention this whole pregnancy I’ve just had this feeling it was a boy. People would ask and I would say I want a girl of course but I know it’s a boy. And Hayden being Hayden, was always team boy from day one.

The day we had our gender scan we almost didn’t find out the sex of our baby. He was moving so much and the lady was finding it so hard to get a clear shot. But once she finally did she asked if we would like to know and said it’s a boy! The tears from both Mine and Hayden’s face was a clear sign we both were excited.

We couldn’t wait to tell our friends and family and began to think of a cute ways to announce the gender.

Both Hayden and I decided on buy one pink and one blue balloon and blow the one that was the gender. We had so much fun telling everyone!

1st trimester

When my partner and I found out we were expecting we had so many mixed emotions. Your head begins to spin with what ifs and what’s nexts.

Once these emotions faded we finally could breath and take it all in. We jumped for joy of starting a family, we felt ready to begin this new chapter of our lives.

My first trimester:

I honestly kept forgetting I was even pregnant, I didn’t start showing until 11 weeks but it still was such a tiny little bump that you honestly could get away with telling people your just fat. My morning sickness also didn’t hit until 11 weeks pregnant, and my was more night sickness. Between 6-6:30pm like clock work every night I would make my routine bathroom trip. I didn’t really have many symptoms in my first trimester which was nice and easy to manage.

But I did get lots of pain in my lower sides a lot. Once finally getting checked I was told I had ovarian cysts the size of golf balls on my left ovary.

If only I knew that was only just the start of my troubles in this pregnancy.