Birth planning

Although I’ve never officially had a written down plan step by step of a ” birth plan.” I’ve always had a plan in my head of how the birth of son will partake.

My overall thought process on women who make birth plans is they scare the crap out of me. I feel like you can never really plan for things to happen the way you want them too, yes you can plan up to a certain point but to have this crazy birth plan written down step by step of how you will feel, what medications you will only have, how you will labour is a bit over the top. ( in my opinion.)

I’ve been pretty lucky in my pregnancy journey to have a mother who has 30 years of midwife experience and also my grandmother who is a retired midwife. They have educated me a lot though out my journey but at the same time have never told me what I can and cannot do.

My mother has given me so much advice for pregnancy and even after child birth that I’m thankful for. Her one piece of advice that I’ve grown to accept in my journey is that ” pregnancy is unpredictable, your not in control like you think you are.”

Ive learnt this to be true as if you’ve had a read of my ( why pregnancy and I didn’t get along.) you would see that my pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest and I definitely didn’t plan for so many health issues to come into play.

Because of all this I know that when I do go into labour my plan is to just have a healthy son. Yes in a perfect world I dream of a all natural birth with no stitches and my son breastfeeding straight away…

But in reality I know I’ll need stitches, I’ll take all the gas in the world because contractions are painful, and if I need a emergency c section then I’ll do whatever I have to do for my sons health. Because at the end of the day it’s not about me anymore it’s about him. So my birth plan is just to have the end result of a healthy happy baby in my arms. And sometimes that means putting yourself through pain.

I have written down a few things with my midwife about how I would like to labour and here they are.

  • I have said baths to help the contractions or a shower, as my whole pregnancy this has helped me so much.
  • Playing music to get my mind off the contractions, ( I’ll list in a new blog of all the music I’ve chosen.)
  • I ticked the no epidural but I did write down that if I need it because of a medical reason then it’s ok.

I hope when I write my birth story I can reflect on this and feel proud. No matter what I decided I did it.