20 weeks down, 20 to go!

This week in pregnancy has been a very easy going week for me, this week definitely felt like a nice walk in the park compared to other weeks.

This week’s symptoms:

• heartburn when eating really salty foods hits me like a ton of breaks so I tend to stay away from those as much as possible.

• headaches that last a while definitely still there and annoying.

But that’s really all I have to report for pregnancy symptoms, it’s been a easy week in terms of real pregnancy symptoms.

Bump update:

Size of a sweet potato according to the app.

How I’m emotionally feeling:

This week I’ve felt hit and miss a little, I’m definitely ready for work to be over for the year as I think just the over all work load is starting to hit me like a ton of bricks and being pregnant on-top of that isn’t the easiest. I’m tired 50% of the time but like every other day I just have to keep going no matter how much I just want to curl up back in bed.

Baby girl movements:

Unfortunately I haven’t really felt baby girl kick yet, I do feel her move from time to time, this week’s movements have gone down a little bit which had me a little worried at first but I still feel her time to time.

Ovarian cyst’s update:

At my last scan my doctor actually checked up on my ovaries and turns out they have decreased in size heaps this pregnancy and my ovaries are looking healthy. This pregnancy seems to be helping my ovaries and making them healthy which is good news as with my first pregnancy they were really bad.

Back problems:

My lower back pains seem to just be a pregnancy thing unfortunately. When speaking to my doctor about this he said it was very normal when it came my pregnancy being close together. I’m trying to take it easy but again as we only have one week left of work with the children we have been flat out busy. So it’s hard to take it easy when work has been so crazy!

Holy crap hormones!?

19 weeks pregnant and acting like a crazy women…. Is this normal!

This week has been such a bag of hidden emotions I didn’t even know I had… When people say every pregnancy is different they are not lying! With Lorenzo it was a very “medical” pregnancy I was in and out of hospital and even after he was born we still had health issues. With baby girl it’s definitely a whole lot better compared to Lorenzo but boy oh boy I have never experienced pregnancy symptoms so much in my life!

I’m going to be honest with you all, I’m so done with being pregnant this for me is well and truly it! I’ve got my boy and now my girl and I’m out! Pregnancy is so much harder the second time around and I can only imagine it gets worse the more kids you add on! And I’m struggling this week, back pains are at a level 8 out of 10, I only have a good night sleep in I have my pregnancy pillow, I’m so tired from full time work and running after a almost two year old and when you add in pregnancy on top it’s a nightmare. I can’t wait to give birth in April and work on myself again and this baby making body!

Pregnancy systems:

• hormones! I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve been a bitch and yes sometimes all at the same time this week!?

• back pains, lower back is killing me this week and definitely think if it doesn’t go away soon I’ll head to the doctors and see what I can do to improve my lower back muscles.

• morning sickness apparently back and I’m not happy about it! It’s not every day but on and off this week and I’ve been lucky and only thrown up once just felt like crap the rest of times.

Energy levels this week:

Honestly my energy levels are low! I’m so ready for the Christmas holidays I have three weeks left of work then a two week break and it’s much needed right now this very week.

Belly update:


Still loving my soup but also can now add cucumber, around 3pm most working days I’ll find myself snacking on a whole cucumber and chatting with my boss.

Baby movements:

Haven’t felt kicks yet but can from time to time feel her moving around and doing her thing, would love to feel the strong kicks soon.

We had our Ob check up this week and got to see baby girl, her heart beat is sitting at 130 and she is very happy and connect but the looks of things in the belly.

Can’t wait to see what 20 weeks looks like for the both of us.

The Caesar family ❌

18 weeks of pregnancy

Well it finally happened! I finally went out and bought a pregnancy pillow. Definitely was needed as sleep has become a very non enjoyable time for me, baby girl doesn’t like if I lay on my right or left side and I struggle sleeping on my back so I’ve decided to give the good old pregnancy pillow a try.

Also I really wished I could pass on the heart burn this pregnancy, but unfortunately this week its come back in full swing and has even made me throw up… So definitely not enjoying this feeling but it could be worse and I’m glad it’s not.

This week’s symptoms:

• heart burn

• break sleep some nights

• tiredness

• sickness

This pregnancy has been so different from Lorenzo but definitely for the better, I was in and out of hospital with my son and this time around the only bad thing I have to say is I get the worset heartburn.

How my ovaries are going:

With Lorenzo I was told I had ovarian cyst’s and they reached a size of 30ml, at the beginning of this pregnancy I definitely was feeling the same sharp pains I did with lorenzo and I knew straight away it was my ovaries. After having a scan on them I was told my cyst’s are back but in a form of a heap of little ones which apparently is some what normal in pregnancy and my doctor doesn’t seem to be worried. As for my pain levels they definitely are not as bad compared to my last pregnancy and I was told to just take it easy which will manage my pain levels.

Energy levels: I thought I would add on a few extra details into my weekly updates and one I’ve been feeling I talk about a lot is my energy levels. My friends say they have noticed I’m not as tired as I was when I was pregnant with Lorenzo and I definitely can notice those moments, but I honestly think I’m just better at this whole being pregnant part because it’s not my first time. Personally I feel way more tired than last time but I definitely think it’s because last pregnancy I could just sleep when I wanted a nap… Clearly I don’t get that this time around because I have a almost two year old. But definitely feel I’m handling my energy levels a whole lot better than last pregnancy.

18 week bump shot!

Diet: my weight management this pregnancy has definitely been a whole lot better than last pregnancy but I think it helps when my only craving this whole pregnancy has been soup and I’ve been having soup every day for lunch at work. I definitely could be a whole lot better but I think I’m doing ok, I haven’t gone up a dress size at all this pregnancy just yet which is an amazing record for me.

Can’t wait to see what the nineteenth week brings!

The Caesar family ❌

17 weeks ~

This week started off amazing! We have some news to share which is we had a scan and when asked if we wanted to know both hubby and I couldn’t help ourselves and we said yes! I know we said we wanted it to be a big surprise but we decided we are not those kind of people!

As im writing this it’s the day after finding out and we still are tossing and turning if we will tell the world or keep it a suprise for everyone else? So I guess you might see this blog or you might not see it?

Gender suprise ~ we went into the scan and the baby looked good, the lady said straight away I know the gender.. hubby and I just looked at each other and started giggling and smiling like two little school kids! She had a more look around and then asked us if we wanted to know the gender? Hubby has always been pro finding out and I was always the one that was pro not finding out! But in that moment I just couldn’t contain it any longer! And so loudly said YES!

We placed our bets before the lady said anything, I was convinced it was a boy! And hubby was team girl! After we placed our bets, the lady said ok are you ready to find out! I closed my eyes and turned my head and when she said the gender, cried the biggest happiest tears ever!

It’s a girl!!! We can’t believe we are having a little girl! This is crazy, we don’t even know how to be parents to a little girl. We are so over joyed with emotions and now we feel like the Caesar family is very much complete and definitely will be closing the baby train after she is born. Our little girl gets a big brother someone to protect her and Lorenzo gets a little sister someone to annoy and love all at the same time.

This week according to the app, our baby girl is the size of a onion!? Although I look and feel much better than that I do get a laugh out of those.

The app also says she is practicing her sucking & swallowing this week. Also I’m now four months pregnant with only five months left to go.

This week’s symptoms:

• indigestion when I eat very salty foods I’ve noticed.

• my soup craving is still very much here and loving it!

• leg cramps

• lower stomach pains ( growing)

Not much in symptoms this week but it’s been a good week for the Caesar family in terms of growth.

Belly shot:

I didn’t do one last week as it hadn’t grown since the weeks before but it’s definitely grown this week. Even had one of my friends at work noticed just how big it is yesterday! She just randomly saw me standing their and said wow you can really see it now!

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be in my work uniform for!

Can’t wait to see what week 18 brings

16 weeks and counting

Sixteen weeks pregnant is done and dusted! How crazy is this… I’m officially 17 weeks I’m so close to being 20 weeks and that blows my mind, I feel like yesterday I was only four weeks and just beginning these weekly updates.

Also I’ve been doing some thinking and I am trying to decide if you guys would like monthly updates or continue with weekly updates, please leave a comment down below because I want to blog about other mum topics and not so focused on just my pregnancy even though it is my life right now.

This week was was a pretty good week after last week.

Pregnancy symptoms ~

Funniest this happened this week regarding my boobs! I went and visited my friend who’s just had her baby girl and when giving her cuddles my right boob began to hurt like crazy! Well I was holding my friends baby she was trying to go for my boobs which is when the pain began.. so I don’t know what that means but it definitely freaked me out!

Back pains ~ Definitely starting to feel the weight of looking after a toddler and being pregnant, when I bend over this week for example a simple task as putting my son in his car seat I seem to hit a nerve in my very lower back and almost my bum area!? I’ve put on the list of things to bring up with my Ob in my next appointment.

Food cravings ~ soup! I just love and want soup for breakfast lunch and dinner! I’ve had soup every day this week for lunch at work, and even one night had it again for dinner, just writing this makes me want soup!

Butterfly feelings ~ with Lorenzo I didn’t feel the baby until I was around 26 weeks but with the second baby I knew what these little feelings were and I can feel the baby move around from time to time and he or she is becoming more active inside.

Leg cramps ~ is that even a thing!? Because if I pull my legs too much in bed well relaxing or on the couch it kills!!! And I’m even scared to do this now because it hurts!

Baby size according to the app ~

Sorry I’m behind with my pregnancy update! It’s been a busy Start to a new week of pregnancy and I can’t wait to share with you all soon!

15 week update

This week was the hardest by far this pregnancy.. my week started off normal then soon went down hill from there.

This week was a little scary in terms of pains in my lower stomach area. Last week I said about pains starting in my ovaries and this week it was double that. Work has been super busy this week getting all the kids ready for their Christmas concert and I didn’t really have time for my body to rest at all… Which in return I over worked myself and caused massive pains and some leaking. After a visit to see my OB turns out it was just fluid around the outside of the sac and not from inside which was great news and I was told just to take it easy… Which again I find so hard to take things easy as I work with children and my job is very much a high stress level kind of job. But I’m going to try.

I got to see our baby again ( no gender) we are choosing not to find out.


This week’s symptoms ~

• headaches ~ and I’m talking it would be a whole day headache, I would take Panadol and it was go for a bit then come back again… It was a pain in my bum!? I did notice it only happens if I forgot to drink so much water and it’s a really hot day! So definitely going to remind myself to drink more water well at work.

• round ligament pains ~ on top of my ovaries I had the normal lower ligament pains which the ob said was more painful and noticeable the second or third pregnancies… Definitely testing me and if I can carry this baby.. but I’ve upped my walking the dog to get better fitness to deal with the pain.

• the girls are definitely growing ~ I don’t know how much bigger they can get!?

For symptoms this week wasn’t much or I didn’t really notice them because of everything else going on with my body…

How I’m feeling this week ~ I’ve been so emtional, it’s starting to take a toll on me this pregnancy and I’m honestly waiting for he or she to be here already. Pregnancy the second time around is so much for physical and harder on you and your body… Having a toddler and being pregnant well running after him all the time has been hard. I do feel sorry for Hayden as he’s been doing so much and really have been so helpful and I just feel super lazy.

Baby bump ~

14 week pregnancy update

The weeks are beginning to go faster and faster and it’s making me feel less & less organised.

This week was definitely a weird one for me… Not too many of the normal pregnancy symptoms but definitely a few I haven’t experienced with Lorenzo at this stage of pregnancy.

This week’s symptoms were:

• feeling tired and not a little tired I mean having naps at work nearly everyday tired. Which with Lorenzo I felt at the beginning of my pregnancy but it soon passed so this isn’t a normal thing for me.

• this whole pregnancy so far I’ve eaten and eaten, but this week it’s definitely slowed down and I’ve even thrown up my dinner one night.. so loss of appetite is definitely here, which again is a weird one for me as I never felt this with Lorenzo.

• morning sickness has definitely come back and at such silly times for example just last night at around 8:30pm I began to feel so sick! Again didn’t feel this with Lorenzo.

To say this pregnancy is 100% different to my first is definitely very true. This pregnancy has definitely been easier as in I haven’t had a hospital trip at all with Lorenzo I was in hospital so many times and having all these extra scans because of all the health issues. This time around everything is going well and I’m having the normal amount scans “which took a while to adjust too.”

The only thing that has stayed the same is with my first born I do have a blog somewhere all about how I was told I have ovarian cysts and with Lorenzo I had about 30ml with added little extra ones. This pregnancy I’ve been feeling the same pain in my ovaries but unfortunately I don’t see my OB until the 11th of November so two weeks away. So at the moment I’ve been applying heat packs to my belly and having Panadol when really needed.

Bump update 🤰

Big brother showing some love this week.

I can’t believe I’m now heading into being 15 weeks pregnant, we have a scan at 16 week’s which is the scan we find out the gender which we are starting to want to know the gender as I just don’t think I can do the whole pregnancy not knowing!

The Caesar family ❌

Can I really do this!?

When your pregnant for the very first time it’s this magical feeling, you feel so excited and have all this extra engrey and all the little things are amazing.. when you fall pregnant the second time your told of all the stories of how hard it really is, but you never really fully understand.

Until your having a hard day with your first born child and he or she is fighting for their nap, and your trying to hide your face of exhaustion and on the inside you want to curl up in a ball and cry or wish your child would nap so you can too.

Your days become longer and shorter and you try to remember to love every moment and experience it all as it might be your last pregnancy.

The best way to describe pregnancy is you just wish you could sleep for a week, you just need that extra sleep. I’m finding myself napping on my lunch breaks at work or once I put my toddler to bed at 7pm I’m in bed fast asleep at 7:30pm… But some how you have to fit in loads of washing, dishes, cooking meals and trying to still show love and affection to your hubby when it’s the last thing you want to do..

Not because you don’t love him because you do, you love him so much and are so thankful for all the extra house work he’s picking up because you are beginning to fade away, because he works and takes care of your child as well.

Your tired, your run down, your sore from all this pregnancy business, your trying to remember to show effection to your husband, trying to be their for family, for work, have a social life and also have time for yourself.

You begin to feel emtional that your toddler is missing out, that he or she won’t need you as much once the baby is here, you worry that you need more alone time with your toddler before the new baby so you try and fit in more activities on top of everything else, you want that last kiss and hug every night.

It’s all new and the unknown of what lies ahead scares the crap of you! Can I do this? Can I really be a mother to two can I really share the love between both children? Can I be a good mother? Am I a good mother?

13 weeks of loving you

I started my 13 week of pregnancy feeling emtional, I’m nothing but so thankful to not only have a healthy son but to be able to experience pregnancy for the second time, I will never take this for granted and even of I was given a horrible pregnancy I will still enjoy every moment of this journey because there’s so many women out there in the world still waiting for their rainbow after the Strom.

I can definitely saying pregnancy is getting easier! I haven’t felt a bar of sickness since the early days of pregnancy and it’s amazing! With Lorenzo I got morning sick at night and it was for a week than it stopped. This time around I was bed ridden some days and even took a day off work!? So I’m so happy to report that is a thing of the past!

Definitely feeling those food cravings now! I can’t eat fast food take away anymore without wanting to throw up which I’m not complaining about as I need to stay away from anyway, but my biggest craving right now is soup! Doesn’t matter what kind but I just have to have soup! Every day this week I’ve been bringing in soup packets and trying different ones from the shops, I’ve tried chicken noodle, Asian and just the normal beef noodles Love them!

A new thing that has also happened this week is I’ve actually felt the baby move, it was such a faint light movement and I only realised what it was until half way, I remember feeling that same flutters with Lorenzo but not this early, but I guess I know what I’ll feel this time around and be a pro!

Also who knew feeling dizzy Durning pregnancy was a real thing! But it happened at the worset times at work and was very annoying but eventually would pass.

Other than just a few of those things I’ve felt great this week and can’t believe I’ve knocked down a another week, definitely feel like this pregnancy is moving faster than the first and we will have a baby here in no time.

Bump update:

Can’t wait to see what 14 weeks brings ❌⭕

12 weeks

This week was a very long week and a very challenging week as well, but i made it to the end of the week and thank goodness for that!

This week my toddler not only has become a very clingy boy towards his mum he’s also been very hard to cope with and when you add pregnancy into the mix, it unfortunately just became a week that I’m glad to be seeing the back end of.

We add a scan for baby again because in our last dating scan my ob could give me a exact date as the baby was small for nine weeks. Thankfully this scan baby is growing and healthy. His or her heartbeat has gone down from 175 to now sitting at 165. In the scan our baby’s head was down low and legs kicking up the top of my belly, little jelly bean kicked out their legs and we got to see how long our baby is and just like daddy and Lorenzo I think it’s a tall long baby just like them, so my kids are one day going to out grow me!

The scan photos aren’t that great because jellybean was moving too much but thankfully we got a nice video.

As for symptoms this week:

  • Definitely can’t eat any fast food without wanting to vomit
  • Still peeing a lot
  • Really dry feeling in my mouth, always wanting water.
  • Heartburn
  • Those veins have popped in the upper chest area nice and blue so my boobs are getting ready for milk.

But this is about it in the symptoms department.

Bump update:

Not just a regular mum 💌