26 weeks of loving you

Well this week began as any normal week and ended on a kind of a scary note… And I’m going to leave you all on a cliff hanger because I myself don’t know yet.

Pregnancy symptoms:

• began leaking in my boobs this week, only very small and not every day thank god. But I know this is a great sign because with Lorenzo my milk supply didn’t come in until five days after his birthday..

• acid reflux has gotten worse. I began taking tablets but they make me throw up when I take them, I see my ob next week and definitely will be chatting about this.

• super tired this week, just having lack of any motivation or engery which I think also the heat plays a massive part of that being is Australia and it being summer. But yeah I just don’t feel like do anything which is not ideal

• not so much craving things that are weird but when I do eat this week I’ve just felt like salads which isn’t that weird for me as I have always loved salads.. but yeah I’ve got it bad for salads this week and made myself two in the space of 40 minutes at work on lunch!?

• really itching skin

Bump update:

According to my pregnancy app baby girl is the size of

Health update:

Wednesday afternoon my big old pregnant belly began to do something funny, I can’t explain it all that well but it began to feel tight and baby girl began to become very active she only did this once and on top of everything I was in the summer heat at work and that also began to effect me. Later that night I began cooking dinner and became very dizzy and had to sit down. Again I was super tired and the heat I think just got the best of me. The next morning I woke to cramping which started on just my left side then turned into both lower sides.

I went to work as normal but soon became worried and went to my doctor straight away. Here’s where it gets a tad confusing. He checked on baby girl and her heartbeat was stable and good and she seemed happy, I also was fine just cramping. Again when he was checking over me I began cramping and at the same time she was very active. He was more worried that she was only active when cramping and that I was cramping but no other signs, I was told it could be early set labour but he was hoping if I was put on bed rest for a few days to rest it would calm it’s self down.

I see my doctor again on Tuesday but of course if anything happens I’ll be heading straight to the hospital. I’ve been given a list of things to look out for and now it’s just a waiting game. I’m sure everything will be fine and baby girl is just kicking up a Strom and causing troubles.

But again I’ll have to keep you all updated and wait until my 27 week update.

Hopefully you’ll all see a 27 week update and everything is fine.

The Caesar family ❌

Birth plan for second baby and everything in between

I made a birth plan with my first born son Lorenzo but at the end of the day he came in his own time and I tried my best to stick to the things I wanted but until your in that situation anything can change or happen. So when I say I’m making a birth plan for baby girl please know that I’m not writing this saying this is what I want and this is what I’ll be doing no matter what as this is my second birth I know anything is possible.

With Lorenzo I was 100% sold on a pain free/ drug free birth, and the reality was he was two weeks over due and I had to get induced which was clearly not a drug free birth and yes I made it to 6cm and was begging for the drugs.

This time around:

Again I want to try a drug free birth

” for as long as possible.” But I’m also fully prepared to get to a point where I will again be asking for some type of pain relief. I’ve already been reading up on ways to manage a drug free birth and I want to try some of those things but again I’m not writing this sticking to my word because anything is possible.

Who I want in the birthing room:

First pregnancy I asked my mother who is a retired midwife and of course hubby to be in the room.

This time around I will being having the same, I haven’t asked my mum yet and if she says no then that’s also ok and it will just be me and hubby.

Who will be at the hospital:

With Lorenzo the eximent of having a baby got the best of me and I had everyone come and visit straight away which was so lovely but also very overwhelming for me when I look back on that time, I pretty much had my whole family there from the get go and close family friends and when they left and I was alone it felt weird and was hard to adjust, so hubby and I did speak about what would happen this time around and this is what we have decided.

We will be informing my parents when I go into labour and my older sister is already on Stan by to come house sit as we do have a dog named zues and of course our son, she will be tag teaming this with my little sister as well. Or they will most likely take zues to my parents family home. For the birth of our baby girl and the whole first day we have decided we just want it to be Hayden and I and too enjoy our time with our baby girl as she is the second baby and her whole life she’s going to have someone with her, we want to enjoy her and celebrate her birth and also rest. This is something I really never thought about doing with Lorenzo and I honestly wish I did.

Second day with baby girl will be family and Lorenzo our son meeting baby girl for the first time. We have spoken and we might also invite very close friends up that afternoon but it all depends on how the morning will go with Lorenzo meeting his new baby sister.

Which brings us to day 3. This will be when friends only close friends come and meet her and have a visit.

When we will announce her birth:

We have decided to keep her birth to ourselves and close ones well we are still in hospital. At this point we definitely know we won’t be posting to social media the first day and again Hubby and I really are putting our foot down with only wanting that first day to be us and in that moment as you never get that moment back. We have booked a newborn photoshoot with a friend who has her own business and she is coming up the second day to take family photos in our room of the moment Lorenzo meets his sister and of us four as a family, so we might possibly be waiting for a photo from her and then we will upload to social media.

What will hubby do this time around:

Hubby and I have also spoken as we do have a dog and a two year old hubby will be staying the nights with Lorenzo at home so he is not left out in anyway, and that they get to have that bond. Hubby will be there during the days for a few hours at a time but will most likely be myself and baby girl.

Our first two weeks at home:

Hubby and I spoke and have said our main focus at the end of the day is our family and Lorenzo. I work with kids and have seen the effects some children have when a new baby is added into the family but the parents have sent them to daycare for a full day well the child knows they are both home, honestly it’s heartbreaking to watch and I never want to make my son feel that way, we have decided the first week we will break up Lorenzo’s daycare days for example Lorenzo goes to his grandparents on Mondays which he of course won’t be because we will be both be at home, we decided to keep him home Monday & Tuesday and will send him to daycare on the Wednesday and see how he goes clearly not a full day. If he does well and is fine we will continue to take him but have decided only half days if he doesn’t do well we decided to keep him home that Thursday and send him that Friday. Durning the second week we said he will be going back on normal routine as hubby will be going back to work week 3 so we unfortunately can’t do it as well in week 2 and need to keep in consent.

Split our time with Lorenzo:

My biggest fear out of this whole thing is my son and making sure he still knows he’s loved and that he’s happy. So hubby and I spoke and we will definitely be tag teaming it where after I breast feed “if I get the chance.” I’ll take Lorenzo to the park just him and I and have our time, little things like that and also hubby will do the same with Lorenzo etc. We will figure out parenting two kids along the way.

So as you can see our birth plan isn’t just a blog about how the birth will go it’s more about planning, planning the who’s, how’s and the when’s. We know we might upset a few friends and family but this time around and our last time around we really just want it to be about our little family and what’s best for our happiness and if we have to be a little selfish for our family then we will be We know what one day some of our families and friends will understand.

25 weeks of love

As I write this it still feels so weird how fast this pregnancy has flown by compared to my first, but also hubby and I were just looking at our baby girls nursery and we feel so bad! Again with Lorenzo everything was ready really early which I guess was out of eximent and this time around it’s looking more like a room full of stuff we just never put away and just dump in her room…. So my Misson over the next few weeks is to finally get my bum into gear and do her room! Please tell me I’m not the only mumma who for the second pregnancy everything just doesn’t get done?

This week’s symptoms:

• acid reflux has been a big struggle for me this week and I definitely need to just look into what tablets to buy and kill this in the bum as it’s making everything 10x harder for this mumma.

• nausea because of really bad acid reflux has been a bitch… If I bend over it all just flows back up and not in a good way or I end up standing there acting like I’m in labour and I find breathing in & out really helps!?

• lower stomach pains which has been a thing for the past three weeks. Honestly I feel like this is just going to be a weekly update as the bigger I’m getting of course things are more tender and tighter in the down stairs area. And I am still working full time and my class room I’m working in is ages from 1-2 year Olds so it’s so much bending over.

This week wasn’t too many symptoms which has been super nice but I feel like they have been big annyoning ones for me.

How I’m feeling:

I’m slowly feeling myself to giving up a little and I don’t mean in the giving up kind of way I kind of mean I’m just “struggling” I’m finding hubby is doing heaps more and I feel so guilty but at the same time so thankful as some nights I’m in that much pain I’m crying or I’m in bed because I can’t sit up. This week was my 26th birthday and honestly I just wasn’t feeling it at all and just wanted to have a nap and wake up when it was over.

Bump update:

Baby girls size:

According to my app baby girl is the size of a eggplant and I’m definitely feeling that this week! Also according to my app she is probably about 23cm long & 0.77kgs with only 15 weeks left to go!

Baby girls movements:

Asking for a friend “aka me!?” How do you stop a two year old from wanting to be held all the time and climb all over the baby bump? Because I already have a brother & sister fight going on and it’s driving this mumma crazy! Because Lorenzo keeps doing this baby girl is kicking up a very strong fight back but also she tends to move down very low in my pelvis area and then the pain starts for me. So yeah I would say she is going to be a little fire cracker just like our son and lord help this mumma!

This week we also have seen a massive change in our toddler and he definitely has become way more aware that baby girl is here and she’s here to stay it’s been so hard as he’s become super attached to me and even at work has been in my class room as he just doesn’t settle very well at the moment, we definitely have made him aware of this pregnancy and talking about him being a big brother and how baby girl will love him and he’ll love her etc but we definitely are looking into this more as I think it’s really starting to hit him hard.

Can’t wait to update you all again very soon

The Caesar family ❌

24 weeks of nothing but love

Week 24 from the 3rd of January to 9th of January.

First week back at work was bloody hard. Clearly having daily naps are a thing a past of course being back at work so could say I was pretty much just a walking zombie all week long.

Pregnancy symptoms:

• lower stomach pains, I’ve had to really keep an eye on this as some nights it hurts to get out of bed and I can only get out comfortable when laying on my side.

• headaches this week but I honestly think it’s due to first week back at work and i kept forgetting to drink water! So definitely need to be better with this next week.

• cramping in my legs again! This has come and gone my whole pregnancy and it’s just beginning to get annoying now.

• feeling firmer in my Belly and way less room to move around comfortably anymore.

• lower back pains

Bump update:

23 week pregnancy update

The in between week of just after Christmas and now into new years and trying to remember what day it even is. That’s pretty much how 23 weeks of pregnancy went for me.

I’ve had two weeks off work over the Christmas / new years and it’s been so nice to just have some down time and relax and recharge before I head back to work.

Bump update:

Not much growth compared to the week before but definitely feeling baby girl move around a lot more. The pregnancy app tells me my baby is the size of a grape fruit and that baby girl is now 20cm & 0.54kgs.

Pregnancy symptoms this week:

• no engery levels – daily naps are now very much a thing and I can’t go a day without one or I just end up falling asleep on the couch anyway.

• probably most definitely TMI but supper gassy!

• lower stomach pains just from growing.

• pregnancy brain! I was booked in for a scan and guess which dummy was out to brunch with friends when she forgot she had a scan at the same time.. and now my Ob is on holiday with his family until the end of January so I won’t get to see my baby girl for a few weeks… Definitely pregnancy brain.

Sorry for such a short and sweet 23 weeks pregnancy update this week but being at home for the past two weeks and kind of just taking it easy there hasn’t been a whole lot to report. But I’m back at work next week and I’m sure I’ll have heaps.

Maternity look book.

For my second and last pregnancy i really wanted to dress as cute as possible but I am a bigger women I have hips and all so finding cute outfits has been a struggle but here’s my look this pregnancy so far!

My spring pregnancy dress. From ripe maternity
Black tank with a crop top over layered with jeans.
Crop top over layered with a body tight dress
High wasted skirts in bigger sizes paired with my work tops or just plain black or white tops.
A maternity dress from ripe maternity
Cocktail dress from a online boutique just bigger size to fit easier.
Over sized dresses from target again just bigger sizes and easy for just the days I feel like being lazy.
I’ve enjoyed layering this look was a dress from target with a normal fitted top over the top I just tied it up.
Same us a above dress is from ripe maternity with a bigger size top over the top and just tied it at the front.
maternity dresses from target although they don’t have a lot to choose from they still have a few nice dresses.
On my lazy days I just wear ripe maternity pants with my hubbies tops 😂
Ripe maternity top with ripe maternity overalls super comfortable and cute
Over sized jumpsuits from target

These are all my pregnancy looks so far and I’ve really enjoyed trying to dress cute this pregnancy and enjoy our last pregnancy. It is some what hard when you are a bigger lady and to find outfits can sometimes be a challenge! But a shop I’ve loved this pregnancy would definitely be ripe maternity! They are a little pricey but honestly which maternity store isn’t!? So if your an Australian mumma like myself definitely check them out! They have great stuff and I always find myself going there.

22 weeks bumping along

Well 22 weeks kinda just flew by! I think it being Christmas this week and so many family activities probably helped fast track it along.

Bump update.

Definitely feeling the weight pile on now and not just around the bump, my face is beginning to grow in size and honestly it’s made me a tad emotional this week. Already being a bigger women who has added pregnancy to the mix it just spells out problems for me and that’s what I’m trying to avoid, so now that Christmas is over and I have a few days still off work I’m really trying to stay active as possible and take Lorenzo to the park as much as possible.

Pregnancy symptoms this week are.

• finally feeling baby girl kick and hubby also felt her for the first time this week. It was so nice and honestly such a relief as I was beginning to worry.

• leg cramps seem to be back!? In my sleep I’ll some how pull my muscle in my back leg and wake up in a burning pain as I’ve pulled it too much!? I don’t what I do or how I do it, but it’s been a very common pregnancy symptom this whole pregnancy on and off.

• indigestion is real my friends and it’s been so real this week it’s even made me throw up all at the same time!? You know when it gets really bad because I start heavy breathing as if I’m in labour but it helps so I do it!

• still vomiting…. I can’t believe I’m still getting nauseous!? Definitely didn’t get this with Lorenzo and it’s a pain in my ass because I don’t throw up I just feel sick as a dog for hours sometimes the whole day!? My friend who is two weeks ahead of me and also having a baby girl has stopped the nausea stage so why haven’t I!?

• hormones are wild this week my friends! I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo… I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been moody as a crazy lady… Thankfully hubby is very understanding and just kind of leaves me alone when I get moody it’s also safer for him.

Baby is the size of a?

This week the app is telling me baby girl is around the size of a red pepper!

Baby girl is moving and groving.

This week I’ve definitely noticed she is kind of a night owl which Lorenzo was the same in my belly so they are probably the same, she also kicks strong when music is involved which again Lorenzo was the same and he still loves music! So I some how think I’m going to have two children who are the same and probably look the same too.

How is big mumma going.

This week I’ve felt calm and at peace I definitely have enjoyed not working and having the Christmas break off and felt it’s given me more time to be able to do things so I am beginning to really base my decision of when I come back to work after baby girl is born to come back part time.

22 weeks down and only 18 more to go! We can’t wait for baby girl to be here but we are also very much enjoying this pregnancy as I know how fast it flys by and I know this will be our last pregnancy.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas with loved ones and friends. The Caesar family ❌

First pregnancy compared to my second

My first pregnancy was a bag of emotions it was fun , exciting & new. Buying all these new baby clothes and items and the baby shower, enjoying all the scans and seeing the heartbeat as well as feeling those first kicks I loved every second of it even the bad.

Hubby and I really hit that honeymoon stage all over again I don’t think we had a single fight Durning my first pregnancy we were both just so happy and on cloud nine it was such a new and exciting time for us. Hubby came to all the scans, all the doctors appointments he was so involved and so was I.

Our second pregnancy.

When we first found out I was pregnant I was scared! When I fell pregnant with Lorenzo I stocked but happy, with our second it actually took a few days to hit me. Of course we were happy to find out and ready. But I think the fear of “holy crap we are really doing this again” came around a lot sooner than we thought it would. Hubby and I both started to think about ” what others would say” so we actually kept our pregnancy a secret for the first few weeks until we really adjusted to the new change ourselves. It was funny we both began freaking out straight away about having two children? Can we do this? Are we going to be ok? What happens now!? It was one of those moments when finding out which is so different from Lorenzo our first.

Things I’ve found different the second time around.

The fear has gone, I am enjoying every little moment with our second pregnancy as we know this will be our last. We are happy and content knowing we have one boy and one girl and we really don’t want to mess that up.

With our first we really took in everything that was said and told to us, yes that pregnancy was more a medical one compared to our second but even this time around there’s a few scans we have chosen not to take part in. For example with Lorenzo I had to know if he was going to have down syndrome or not… But with baby girl I told my Ob from the start I didn’t want to have my 13 week scan because if my child ends up with down syndrome it won’t make me love her any less and if she does we will work as a family when she’s here rather stressing about it now.

Second thing that’s changed is with my first pregnancy it was a all I could eat buffet I didn’t care because I was pregnant and was going to enjoy it! Definitely different this time around, I really watch what I eat and I think at work I’m the worse because there is just always food but when I’m at home I’m a health freak.

Third is I’m not stressing, I’m not on Google 24/7 asking if this is normal or if this is ok? I’m still eating sushi as my ob said I can but just not too much all at once which that means yes but once every so often, I’m still going for long walks/ runs as it’s not going to kill me. I’m taking it easy at work but still helping out way more than what I did with Lorenzo. I’m definitely more aware of my body I know when something doesn’t feel right, when I need to take it easy or when I need to rest.

Comparing pregnancies.

With Lorenzo man did I have it easy! I remember I only really got morning sickness for like a week straight at the same time “6pm” every night and it was done and dusted. Boy oh Boy is baby girl so different I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and just last night well “2am last night” throwing up!

Lorenzo definitely took the cake with way more health issues as I was in hospital every trimester which I did document my first pregnancyas well if you would like to have a walk back down memory lane. But if we are comparing just straight pregnancy hormones then I got nothing in compared to this time around! I get morning sickness still, I’ve had days off work because it’s been that bad, I can’t walk past people wearing lots of perfume or I’ll get a headache straight away, I can only eat type of foods that don’t give me heartburn and indigestion.. the list goes on!

So to sum it up Lorenzo was the easiest pregnancy by far compared to baby girl.

Things I’ve done differently.

First massive difference is I’ve changed hospital. My children will be born at two different hospital’s and my reasons are valid don’t worry. When I gave birth to my son both hubby and I just were so disappointed with how the staff acted at the first hospital, we tried to make it all down to “just the time of year.” Which was January and here in Australia it was the 26th of January which is Australia Day. But I look back on it and I said to myself well no Kate.. all hospitals have a wide range of staffing, I’ve had work friends have their babies at the same hospital and they loved it! Which is probably why I tried to tell myself it was just the time of year but i think than they should of been more prepared. I had to sit through one night of midwifes having a fight with each other for everyone to here…. I’m sorry but that’s not normal. So yes for baby number two I looked into my health insurance and saw what they offered and looked around at hospital’s and finally found the right fit for us, hubby and I had eight different OB’s to choose from and we are very happy with the person we ended up picking and so far our time with the hospital has been way more enjoyable.

Second change is we bought new items we learnt what we liked and what we didn’t like about our first pram or our first co-sleeper and have decided to update and refresh for baby number two.

Third change will be that when our baby girl is born we have decided not to tell anyone until we are ready. With Lorenzo we had everyone at the hospital and it was so overwhelming for both hubby and I. So we have decided we want to enjoy at least the first two days alone with our new little girl and son and then invite people up to the hospital no matter how close they maybe to us. We haven’t even fully decided if we would just wait to announce until after we are home from the hospital.. I guess time will tell. But yes things will be much different the second time around.

I find it so amazing how different my pregnancy is the second time around compared to the first. For me we knew it was a girl from the first four weeks just by how different they have been, we knew it wasn’t a boy because it’s so much harder this time around so thankfully we know the gender and it was confirmed! But I would love to here from other parents and how your pregnancies were? Did you have the same outcome?

Why I’ve decided not to have a baby shower

For my first pregnancy my two friends planned a whole baby shower for me and it was lovely… Of course for your first definitely think it’s a must, but now this is my second pregnancy, and I kinda just don’t want to have one…

I know I know i can already here people saying well why not I still don’t get it? I think my answer is going to be short and sweet. When I had Lorenzo it was a exciting time for my friends, but since being a mother for almost two years I can count on one hand how many times those friends at my first baby shower have actually spent the time with me and my family. And the sad retailty is I can also count on one hand who my real friends are and have been there since the beginning to now.

My second reason for no baby shower the second time around is because hubby and I have everything we need and what we wanted we have already went out and bought for our baby girl, and yes we would just ask for no gifts and get it short and simple but this is what brings me to my third reason for not having a baby shower.

Hubby ( he doesn’t like his name shared on social media) comes from a split family and they kind of have their own troubles to face right now… And unfortunately when it comes to both of our families mixing it just doesn’t work out and for us we like to keep them very separate which is sad for our children but again if you knew the whole story people would understand, but it’s not my story to tell and I think there’s a time and place and writing a blog about it all is not one of them. Also this brings back to my first point I actually don’t know who I would invite as my friendship circle is probably only about three real friends!?

A lot changes when you have children and I’ve sadly had to learn this the hard way. And that’s ok I’ve moved on and I’m adjusting, but inviting people to my baby shower is not just about me this time around it’s about who’s actually going to be their for my children even when all the excitement is done and dusted, and it’s sad because I look back on my first baby shower and feel sad that Lorenzo has all these books signed by people who I really thought would be their for him and my family still but the sad reality is there not anymore and that’s ok. You learn a lot from your first and you change a lot and for the second you do what you want to do I’m not here to please other people I’m here for my own happiness.

I would love to here from second time or third time around mummas and if your story is different or the same? For me I’m thinking of doing a babymoon with hubby and have a weekend away with him and just spend that time together before our lives change again for the second time. We love Melbourne and probably will go back or just a road trip some place?

21 weeks and counting

This week was a crazy busy week in the Caesar household. It was everyone’s last week of work & daycare and the week before Christmas madness begins.

Pregnancy app I’ve been using:

I was asked from my last blog which app I use and like. For both pregnancies I’ve used “what to expect.”

I just find the app to be super easy to use and can almost relate to all the symptoms. The only thing I don’t use with this app and it’s more a personal choice is the community space. I found with my first I was always asking and always comparing my pregnancy to other women or feeling judgement from other mothers on this group page so now I don’t even look at it. I did try using a pregnancy app that doesn’t have the option of chatting to other mothers but at the end of the day I always came back to this app.

Baby’s size:

According to the app this week baby girls size was as large as a banana!

Although baby is only the size of a banana I feel more like the size of a house!

Bump update:

21 weeks and growing

Pregnancy symptoms:

Not going to lie this week is full of TMI and over sharing so if you get weirdest out easy please just skip!

• bloating and gas! This week I was feeling more like a gas station then a pregnant lady..

• moody! This has been a occuring thing my whole pregnancy which makes me scared to have a little girl running around very soon. Some weeks I’m great and other weeks I’m a total bitch and I can here myself being this crazy person yet I can’t control it and stop myself.

• just like my pregnancy with Lorenzo I think my heartburn and indigestion is here to stay, but this pregnancy its way more manageable when I eat the right foods I’m fine, when I eat fatty or really salty foods that’s when it’s bad. So I tend to stay away from Bad foods but this week was impossible to do so.

• this week I haven’t felt baby girl move very much and still haven’t felt her kick yet which i have made a mental note of and I have my ob appointment next week the day before Christmas so I will definitely bring this up.

How mumma is feeling:

Again this week has been super busy in terms of getting ready for Christmas. This year we are super busy and having a toddler who now understands Christmas has been so fun but also lots of hard work. So with how I’m feeling & coping I’m hanging in their and just taking it day by day until Christmas is over I think.

I can’t wait for next week’s update as I get to see baby girl at our 22 week ob appointment before Christmas.

The Caesar family ❌