22 weeks bumping along

Well 22 weeks kinda just flew by! I think it being Christmas this week and so many family activities probably helped fast track it along.

Bump update.

Definitely feeling the weight pile on now and not just around the bump, my face is beginning to grow in size and honestly it’s made me a tad emotional this week. Already being a bigger women who has added pregnancy to the mix it just spells out problems for me and that’s what I’m trying to avoid, so now that Christmas is over and I have a few days still off work I’m really trying to stay active as possible and take Lorenzo to the park as much as possible.

Pregnancy symptoms this week are.

• finally feeling baby girl kick and hubby also felt her for the first time this week. It was so nice and honestly such a relief as I was beginning to worry.

• leg cramps seem to be back!? In my sleep I’ll some how pull my muscle in my back leg and wake up in a burning pain as I’ve pulled it too much!? I don’t what I do or how I do it, but it’s been a very common pregnancy symptom this whole pregnancy on and off.

• indigestion is real my friends and it’s been so real this week it’s even made me throw up all at the same time!? You know when it gets really bad because I start heavy breathing as if I’m in labour but it helps so I do it!

• still vomiting…. I can’t believe I’m still getting nauseous!? Definitely didn’t get this with Lorenzo and it’s a pain in my ass because I don’t throw up I just feel sick as a dog for hours sometimes the whole day!? My friend who is two weeks ahead of me and also having a baby girl has stopped the nausea stage so why haven’t I!?

• hormones are wild this week my friends! I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo… I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been moody as a crazy lady… Thankfully hubby is very understanding and just kind of leaves me alone when I get moody it’s also safer for him.

Baby is the size of a?

This week the app is telling me baby girl is around the size of a red pepper!

Baby girl is moving and groving.

This week I’ve definitely noticed she is kind of a night owl which Lorenzo was the same in my belly so they are probably the same, she also kicks strong when music is involved which again Lorenzo was the same and he still loves music! So I some how think I’m going to have two children who are the same and probably look the same too.

How is big mumma going.

This week I’ve felt calm and at peace I definitely have enjoyed not working and having the Christmas break off and felt it’s given me more time to be able to do things so I am beginning to really base my decision of when I come back to work after baby girl is born to come back part time.

22 weeks down and only 18 more to go! We can’t wait for baby girl to be here but we are also very much enjoying this pregnancy as I know how fast it flys by and I know this will be our last pregnancy.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas with loved ones and friends. The Caesar family ❌

Why I’ve decided not to have a baby shower

For my first pregnancy my two friends planned a whole baby shower for me and it was lovely… Of course for your first definitely think it’s a must, but now this is my second pregnancy, and I kinda just don’t want to have one…

I know I know i can already here people saying well why not I still don’t get it? I think my answer is going to be short and sweet. When I had Lorenzo it was a exciting time for my friends, but since being a mother for almost two years I can count on one hand how many times those friends at my first baby shower have actually spent the time with me and my family. And the sad retailty is I can also count on one hand who my real friends are and have been there since the beginning to now.

My second reason for no baby shower the second time around is because hubby and I have everything we need and what we wanted we have already went out and bought for our baby girl, and yes we would just ask for no gifts and get it short and simple but this is what brings me to my third reason for not having a baby shower.

Hubby ( he doesn’t like his name shared on social media) comes from a split family and they kind of have their own troubles to face right now… And unfortunately when it comes to both of our families mixing it just doesn’t work out and for us we like to keep them very separate which is sad for our children but again if you knew the whole story people would understand, but it’s not my story to tell and I think there’s a time and place and writing a blog about it all is not one of them. Also this brings back to my first point I actually don’t know who I would invite as my friendship circle is probably only about three real friends!?

A lot changes when you have children and I’ve sadly had to learn this the hard way. And that’s ok I’ve moved on and I’m adjusting, but inviting people to my baby shower is not just about me this time around it’s about who’s actually going to be their for my children even when all the excitement is done and dusted, and it’s sad because I look back on my first baby shower and feel sad that Lorenzo has all these books signed by people who I really thought would be their for him and my family still but the sad reality is there not anymore and that’s ok. You learn a lot from your first and you change a lot and for the second you do what you want to do I’m not here to please other people I’m here for my own happiness.

I would love to here from second time or third time around mummas and if your story is different or the same? For me I’m thinking of doing a babymoon with hubby and have a weekend away with him and just spend that time together before our lives change again for the second time. We love Melbourne and probably will go back or just a road trip some place?

21 weeks and counting

This week was a crazy busy week in the Caesar household. It was everyone’s last week of work & daycare and the week before Christmas madness begins.

Pregnancy app I’ve been using:

I was asked from my last blog which app I use and like. For both pregnancies I’ve used “what to expect.”

I just find the app to be super easy to use and can almost relate to all the symptoms. The only thing I don’t use with this app and it’s more a personal choice is the community space. I found with my first I was always asking and always comparing my pregnancy to other women or feeling judgement from other mothers on this group page so now I don’t even look at it. I did try using a pregnancy app that doesn’t have the option of chatting to other mothers but at the end of the day I always came back to this app.

Baby’s size:

According to the app this week baby girls size was as large as a banana!

Although baby is only the size of a banana I feel more like the size of a house!

Bump update:

21 weeks and growing

Pregnancy symptoms:

Not going to lie this week is full of TMI and over sharing so if you get weirdest out easy please just skip!

• bloating and gas! This week I was feeling more like a gas station then a pregnant lady..

• moody! This has been a occuring thing my whole pregnancy which makes me scared to have a little girl running around very soon. Some weeks I’m great and other weeks I’m a total bitch and I can here myself being this crazy person yet I can’t control it and stop myself.

• just like my pregnancy with Lorenzo I think my heartburn and indigestion is here to stay, but this pregnancy its way more manageable when I eat the right foods I’m fine, when I eat fatty or really salty foods that’s when it’s bad. So I tend to stay away from Bad foods but this week was impossible to do so.

• this week I haven’t felt baby girl move very much and still haven’t felt her kick yet which i have made a mental note of and I have my ob appointment next week the day before Christmas so I will definitely bring this up.

How mumma is feeling:

Again this week has been super busy in terms of getting ready for Christmas. This year we are super busy and having a toddler who now understands Christmas has been so fun but also lots of hard work. So with how I’m feeling & coping I’m hanging in their and just taking it day by day until Christmas is over I think.

I can’t wait for next week’s update as I get to see baby girl at our 22 week ob appointment before Christmas.

The Caesar family ❌