Our first week as a family of four.

Can’t believe our baby girl is already a week old, I can’t believe a week ago I was leaving the hospital and taking our fresh baby home to meet her big brother.

So much has happened this week I don’t even know where to begin so I’ve decided to break this up into three parts.

How mumma bear is coping?

This one is a hard one for me to answer right now as I don’t really know how I’m feeling.. some days I’m on top of the world and got the hang of parenting two children and other days I’m a bag full of miss matched emotions… not going to like no one really prepares you for the going home stage, the stage where you now have a two year old and a newborn and your on your own no help from midwifes or doctors and that shit is scary. My first night home I think I just cried & cried… actually i think most of week one was spent crying.

Of course when I fell pregnant we didn’t have this whole #COVID 19 stuff to deal with… now that we do here’s where my world is at, I have a two year old at home with me 24/7 plus a newborn all well the hubby is still working full time, our rules are slowly changing and we can now leave the house to go for walks or a drive etc.. So this will help me out big time in the next coming weeks but still in a normal world my busy toddler would be going to daycare but instead I’m planning activities, trying to keep the house a float, breastfeed a newborn and try and shower and find time for myself.. So yes i think my emotions are semi normal.

Breastfeeding journey.

I might get a lot of heat for saying this, but I don’t enjoy breastfeeding well at least for the moment I don’t find it enjoyable at all… women who say it comes naturally and you just pick up the cues etc…. please tell me what I’m doing wrong because she spends half her nights on my boob and not wanting to sleep or be more them 2cm away from myself or my boobs.. my boobs are sore, it doesn’t feel natural to me and I honestly don’t know how much longer I will continue breastfeeding for.. I’m trying to see if my body and baby girl togther if we naturally get the hang of it soon as yes I know it’s only been a week, but I’m doing this for her not me, if it was up to just myself I would be formula feeding her already as I think fed is best no matter how our children are fed. But she loves my boobs and this bonding time togther so I continue for her happiness &wellbeing.

How my toddler is coping with change.

There’s so much changing in my little man’s life right now it scares me, he’s no longer at daycare and around his friends and teachers a environment he’s been raised in since he was five months old, and for how long we are at home togther is still so unclear and the unknown scares me just as much as I’m sure it scares him, plus we have the added new family member that any child gets a little funny when a new sibling is added into into the mix, so yes I would say Lorenzo is coping but only by how he knows how. I’m trying to balance my time and spend one on one time with Lorenzo as much as I can right now and make sure he still feels loved and not left out but it is hard. I’ve bought a whole heap of craft activities to keep us both busy at home togther.

But I will say he does have his moment, his sweet moments of kisses and cuddles and wanting to hold his “baby” so I know he will soon come around and life will feel normal for him soon.

I’m hoping the weeks begin to ease, things begin to settle and life becomes some what normal.. which I know normal will never be the same again but a normal routine would be nice.

Mummy skin care routine

The other day I did a blog about my night routine with my two year old. And I thought I would add in a separate blog how I do my skin care routine every night Durning pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Fun fact ” well not so fun for me.” When I was in high school I suffered really bad face acne and my mother tried every brand even proactive “which burner my face.” Turns out I just have really sensitive skin. In the end we went to the doctors and I was put on medication for my acne and it cleared my skin right up. But because of this little gem I’m so scared to this day to have my face break out again so out of everything I do my skin care is my number one and no matter where I am I will always do it.

First thing is first I’ve tried so many different facial products to finally find a brand that my skin is happy with and just because this brand works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you, I think it’s all about trial and error when finding a product for your skin.

My skin type:

My skin type is actually very dry I have only just about a year ago been told I have “mild eczema.” And my dad also has this too. So as I said above it took me a very long time to find a skin care brand that is good for my body. Not even skin care I had to change up my shampoos and body wash too, I used to use brands that made my face all red and burn and shampoo that made me get really bad dandruff because I have such dry skin and eczema which I didn’t know about.

Brand I use and love!

About a year ago I finally found a brand that worked well for me and that brand is called.

Background on this brand.

First thing first sukin is an Australian made brand and is all natural and when I say all natural I really mean it. There are no chemicals no harm to animals and the brand is a massive supporter of helping our environment. This brand for me has been the only brand my skin doesn’t react to in anyway and it still works. My face is clean and clear and I love it.

Price Range.

I’m always 100% honest with my followers and yes this brand is amazing but because it’s made so we’ll they do have to sell it above award and it is a little more pricey then other skin care brands. But! Honestly for me it’s been worth every penny and it lasts for a least a month if you use every night like I do. But yes I usually spend all up on all the products I buy which I’ll list below in a second I spend about. A total = $54 but when they go on special at my local food shore or the chemist I do get it cheeper.

Products I buy & use:

I use this on my face nightly and it’s amazing.
I don’t use this every night probably only once a week after my shaving routine.
I only wash my hair twice a week as my hairdresser as asked and this the shampoo I use

My routine.

First thing first this is my makeup after a long day at work.

First step is to wash with cold water and Appy my facial wash and scrub!

My face mid scrub!?

Then I wash it off with warm water and a face wash to really get my eye makeup off and eyebrows.

Then you have scary black eye kate!

Next step is I have a shower! And when I’m in the shower I wash my face with warm water and scrub again to get any leftover makeup I might of missed. This is where I use my shampoo and do my hair care routine as well.

And then you have the end result… Make up free mother and ready for bed!

A night routine with my two year old

Welcome to our night routine with our two year old. I haven’t done a update night routine with our toddler for a while and I thought this long weekend we have been blessed with would be the perfect time.

Our night routine starts at around 4:30pm. Lorenzo has had his play outside and now we are having some inside time. This usually is when we allow lorenzo to have tv time. We are not those parents that have set times he can have screen time because he’s a pretty well balanced kid who loves being outside.

Tonight he’s chosen fire man Sam and some toy review on fire man Sam.

5pm – that’s when I begin cooking dinner, tonight was kind of a lazy mum meal as it’s been a long weekend and it’s our “sunday routine” on a Monday due to the public holiday.

Well dinner is on and cooking I usually put on a load of washing with heaps on Lorenzo’s clothes to prepare for the week of daycare and his spare sheets for rest time.

5:30pm- dinner is ready, every night we sit as a family at the dinner table.

5:50pm – dinner is done, dishes are clean and the kitchen is closed for the night.

6pm- bathtime for Lorenzo, when Lorenzo has a bath this is usually when I jump in the shower at the same time and we both get ready for bed.

I think I’ll do a seperate blog about my beauty routine, so stay tuned for that.

6:30pm – this is usually are unwinding time so Lorenzo has free play with his toys or again tv time and we’ll they are busy I’m doing the mum routine and getting everything ready for the morning as I start at 8am so we usually leave the house early.

I begin with packing his daycare bag. He just got a new “hot wheels” backpack for his second birthday. And mum also is happy as it’s a lot bigger in space and more room.

Whats in Lorenzo’s daycare bag.

• fitted sheet for rest time with his blanket.

• Thomas the tank engine bucket hat.

• lots of spare clothes as he loves water play and getting messy.

After his backpack is packed and ready waiting for the morning ahead. My next task is too transfer the washing from our washing machine to our dryer and then tonight we had one more load which is both hubby and our work clothes also getting washed for the week ahead.

6:45pm – now it’s time to get Lorenzos room ready for bed, I go into his room and close his window and blinds and make his bed by placing his sleep toys on his bed. He enjoys sleeping with his chase, Marshall and we have Ollie the owl for him. If you don’t know what Ollie the owl is I have done a blog review on this product Lorenzo has been using this since birth. It’s a owl that has four different sleep sounds with a night light, Ollie the owl is programmed to play when your child cries or begins to toss and turn, he plays for 30 minutes each time and it keeps your child settled and have a good rest at night. Lorenzo sleeps with calming sleep music in his daycare room as it’s played in all rooms so for the moment we have no desire to get rid of Ollie the owl.

I also filled up his water cup with water. We no longer am on rice milk to sleep but we found he still liked the comfort of a Sippy cup in bed at night so it’s just filled with water for when he needs some.

Once the chores are done for me I finally get to enjoy some family time with hubby and Lorenzo.

6:50pm – story book time. Tonight was his dinosaur book that he got for his second birthday, he loves dinosaurs at the moment.

7pm- Lorenzo’s bed time. We clean his room because he likes to throw his books out of his bookself and we tuck him in and both kiss him good night and tuck him in. And we walk out and he goes to sleep on his own.

Once Lorenzo is asleep which some nights he fights it and others he doesn’t im usually already in my PJs as I do my shower routine when he’s in the bath as it’s just easy for us and works. So by 8pm until whenever I chose to go to bed which most nights is around 9:30pm as he does wake at 6am on the dot every morning. This is usually my free time on the couch watching my shows or I’ll already be in bed watching Netflix and fall asleep.

But this pretty much sums up a normal week night routine for the Caesar household. Hope you enjoyed that little insight into our home.

The Caesar family ❌

Maternity look book.

For my second and last pregnancy i really wanted to dress as cute as possible but I am a bigger women I have hips and all so finding cute outfits has been a struggle but here’s my look this pregnancy so far!

My spring pregnancy dress. From ripe maternity
Black tank with a crop top over layered with jeans.
Crop top over layered with a body tight dress
High wasted skirts in bigger sizes paired with my work tops or just plain black or white tops.
A maternity dress from ripe maternity
Cocktail dress from a online boutique just bigger size to fit easier.
Over sized dresses from target again just bigger sizes and easy for just the days I feel like being lazy.
I’ve enjoyed layering this look was a dress from target with a normal fitted top over the top I just tied it up.
Same us a above dress is from ripe maternity with a bigger size top over the top and just tied it at the front.
maternity dresses from target although they don’t have a lot to choose from they still have a few nice dresses.
On my lazy days I just wear ripe maternity pants with my hubbies tops 😂
Ripe maternity top with ripe maternity overalls super comfortable and cute
Over sized jumpsuits from target

These are all my pregnancy looks so far and I’ve really enjoyed trying to dress cute this pregnancy and enjoy our last pregnancy. It is some what hard when you are a bigger lady and to find outfits can sometimes be a challenge! But a shop I’ve loved this pregnancy would definitely be ripe maternity! They are a little pricey but honestly which maternity store isn’t!? So if your an Australian mumma like myself definitely check them out! They have great stuff and I always find myself going there.

The Caesar family recipe

Lately I’ve been really getting over cooking the same old pasta dishes for hubby and Lorenzo, when it comes to meals I have to make them dairy free as possible, which means I’m limited to only a few “sauces”

One day on Pinterest I found a new sauce recipe which had turning my head and wondering how those two foods went together well. Turns out they do! From that sauce recipe I then just made my own stuff mixed with it and it actually turned out great!

Here’s my kinda made up recipe!

What you’ll need:

– chicken breast ( how much you need depends on how big your family is.)

– bacon cut up

– honey

– soy sauce

– garlic paste

– tamato paste

Don’t knock it until you try it! Trust me.

First thing is first, cut up the chicken breast into small pieces, add to a pan with bacon and oil, cook well!

Once meat is cooked well, add in a tablespoon of honey and mix.

Next add in a tablespoon of tamato paste. Again please don’t skip its, amazing!

Next add in 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and stir well.

Lastly add in a tablespoon of garlic paste and mix.

Cook pasta on the side I mixed it all up and cooked the “bow tie” pasta

Once pasta is cooked drain the water and mix into your fry pan mix with all the chicken & bacon.

Mix well.

Once mixed in begin to dish it up! Trust me it taste amazing don’t knock it until you try it!

If you try it I would love to here what you thought of the flavours together?

The Caesar family

My journey with god

Growing up we were heavily involved in church, some of my favourite childhood memories is attending my grandparents church with them on Christmas Eve and it was the one time of year the church service was held outside on the grass with all the other families. I loved that as a family we were listening to the story about how baby Jesus was born, They had fun activities for the kids and I always knew after going to church it meant going to bed after and waking up Christmas day.

I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, sure I went through a stage of not attending church and becoming real bored and I had other things to do, I was the classic moody teen / early adulthood. I met the wrong guy for me who was everything my parents hated, he smoked, he was rude and yet I spent all my time with him… I really lost who I was as a person at that stage of my life I was studying and I quit that to be with him more, I stopped going to church, heck I even stopped going to family events!

After that very toxic relationship I moved back in with my parents and began working with kids again and I really found myself, I found Hayden as well. He was the right boy and opened that door for me, we took things nice and slow we chatted for a month before we went on our first real date, he asked me to be his girlfriend on our second.

I never felt judgement for my beliefs from the beginning with Hayden, and he has been an open book from day one. Telling me he wasn’t dating to date anymore and that he saw this long term, he wanted kids in the future and also was honest about the Navy which he was in the intake round at the time. When we first talked about our beliefs and I told him I do believe in God and my family is very Catholic I was scared, in today’s society it’s not shared too much as Catholics are more judged than saying your Christian. Hayden told me his family story and how he did grow up in a church background but for a few years stopped going and believing, after hearing his family story and how messed up it was for him I began to understand and we both agreed to respect each other and support our choices.

Six years have passed since this conversation with him and so much as happened and so much as changed, we have built a life together as husband and wife, we have two children and I now work at a Christian school. When I was pregnant with Lorenzo I didn’t think too much about how I would raise my son and if he would be Catholic or if I let him decide for himself? It wasn’t until he was in my arms I knew I wanted him to be baptized in my family church at St Catherine’s. I knew I wanted him to be raised as a Catholic.

This is I guess where it gets a little bit harder, it’s not just me I have to consider I have to think about how Hayden feels as well. Lorenzo isn’t just my son he’s ours and I have to remember Hayden is not a part of any church and nor does he want that.. so how do I parent my son when his own father won’t go to church.

When Lorenzo was a baby I decided he was too young anyway to stress over to take him with me or not. I began attending my work church Citipointe which yes is Christian, I enjoyed it and found that I could relate and definitely found my love for God again. But here I am Catholic attending a Christian church… How silly do I look!

Does this mean I want to turn Christian? What does this all mean… And what did I want for my family.

Lorenzo is now one and I’ve began to slowly attend my family church again with Lorenzo, he’s definitely still at that age where he doesn’t sit still for too long so I do find it easier if I go alone as my church doesn’t offer kids drop off area well I attend church.

Honestly I felt like a fish out of water my first time back.. I forgot all the prayers, all the songs and I just left feeling deflated. Had I been attending someone else’s church for far too long!

I since haven’t gone back… And this past week or so my friend and I have really been getting into this topic of conversation. We both have husband’s who we wished would go to church more and have both sat down and had our own private conversations with them about our feelings in all this. My reason for wanting Hayden to start attending is that we are a family, we are a whole. And when I go to church and see all these other families all together as one and I’ve rocked up alone or just my son and I it makes me feel so sad for Lorenzo, and my other thought process is when Lorenzo gets older he’s definitely going to play the whole well dad doesn’t have to go so why should I.

Hayden and I had a long very long conversation about all this, and I really am trying not to push him too much but I guess for a marriage to work we both need to do things for each other that sometimes we don’t want to do, we ended up making a compromise and he agreed to special events such as Christmas & Easter which I said I could live with and was very happy. I cried to him the next day and he asked me what was wrong, I said “I know you really don’t want to do this, but you have no idea how much this means to me.” In was in that moment I realised how much love this man has for me and our family and how much love I have for him and nothing can break us.

So to answer my own title & question ” my journey with God” I would have to say 2020 is about finding that out.

Am I attending my family church and being a good Catholic because I want that or I’m pleasing my family?

Am I giving myself 100% into the Catholic church or am I ready to move into being Christian?

Am I doing my all for the Catholic church or could I or should I be doing more?

As a Catholic mum could I be doing more with my children in the way of God!?

So my journey with God has definitely hit a few curve balls this year in terms of growth. But my goal for 2020 is to have this all figured out and by this time next year I hope to write a blog full of life events and this being one of them.

The Caesar family ❌

2019 Christmas gift guide

Who is with me when I say shopping for Christmas gifts can sometimes hard and over thought about!

Honestly I’ve had to crack down on myself and say I will now only buy Christmas gifts for a handful of people. I know they sounds bad but now that I have a family to think about I need to think better with my money. I’m thankful I have a good circle of friends and instead of buying each other gifts we just do a girls night or dinner. Because at the end of the day spending time with your friends is way nothing than receiving a gift.

But for the people I do buy gifts for I begin to make a list and write them all down.

My list:

• Lorenzo’s daycare teachers “he has 3” I like to get them something to say thank you for all they have done in that year and taking care of my child well I have to work.

• in-laws. This one is a tad hard for me as hubby comes from a divorced family and a big one. So I chose family members carefully. And it’s usually something small.

• grandparents, they never want gifts as they have everything they need so I now get Lorenzo to make them a personal gift.

• my family, we do secret santa which has proven to be very good for our family and easy, no one misses out.

• hubby, I buy him something new needs when I buy gifts for him. He just joined gym this month and needs heaps of stuff which I most likely will just buy him a gift card for a workout gear shop, something easy and he’ll like.

• sister in law, again we just buy something small for all the in laws as it’s a very big and not your typical family which we don’t really see all the time. Again maybe a gift card or I know she’s wanted a type of water bottle for a while so maybe just that.

Now that Ive made my list I start online browsing! I have the most fun doing this, I always add things to the cart and just never buy them which for some reason is fun for me! And the things I end up enjoying I’ll most likely go into the actual shop as I like to see in person what I end up buying for someone.

Teacher gifts, last year I gave all his teachers personalised water bottles with their names on them. As a educator myself I know we don’t really need anymore chocolate so I like giving gifts that are actually useful.

I have a gift in mind for this year which I won’t be saying as I know one of his teachers actually reads my blog sometimes and I don’t want to her to see it before I give it to her of course.

But here are some other great ideas.

Now I loved this idea for Lorenzo’s teachers as for the past two months maybe more he’s been collecting rocks from the car park and he brings them in for his teachers every morning or most mornings, but I’m just not this creative and mine wouldn’t turn out as good as this.

Second idea would be something cute that Lorenzo could help make for his teachers.

But again I just don’t have the skill or time!

Gift ideas for family

I love gifts that have meaning and are personal for someone.

I love this idea for my family home and my parents and then they can just extend on when my sister’s begin having their children.

Love, love, love this idea for outside the front of the house for my parents, having our family name and the year my parents married would be so cute!

Other gift ideas for family would be.

Gift idea for men

Like I said my hubby just started going to gym, so I know that this Christmas I’ll be looking at gym related gift ideas as he needs a lot!

I think you honestly can’t go wrong with a good size gym bag!

Or maybe even invest in a really nice pair of gym shoes.

If you have sister’s like me who always started making jokes about “well why did she get the bigger gift?” I like to get them all the same thing but again make it personal.

Also can’t forget the pets of the household! Zues gets spoiled at Christmas!

Last year we bought zues a random gift box full of goodies! This year he has his very on person stocking hanging up that we are planning to fill full of things he loves! Zues is on a pretty strict diet as we like to keep his coat perfect so we don’t like buying just any old foods for him, so we will buy him a doggie treat but it will be from our local pet shop. Zues also loves playing tug of war so definitely a toy related to this! And a new cute outfit or something little like that.

Now if my hubby is reading this blog please pay attention to these gift ideas for the women of the household!

I love a nice pair of comfy PJs and one that I would love that I might end up buying for myself would definitely be from Peter Alexander!

Or maybe something made from our son, love the personal touch.

So many gift guide ideas I can’t! I love buying gifts for others it’s probably the best feeling in the world and watching them open them!? Hubby finds that so weird but I don’t..

The Caesar family ❌⭕

Chicken fried rice

One massive thing about me is I love cooking, I’ve grown up cooking by my grandmother and I’ve definitely found my passion for cooking at the beginning of this year, Christmas is coming up and this year it might be at the Caesar household so I’ve been really getting into my recipes and trying new things.

Tonight I chose fried rice from my cook cook, I haven’t really tried to cook this dish before only because when it comes to food my hubby is actually very picky… Which is rather annoying.

The first step I did was cut up all my vegetables.

Red capsicum small, shallots, onions.

Then I cracked two eggs and mixed and made a omelette and cut it up too little pieces.

The next step was to cut the chicken and add to my wok I then added one tablespoon of oil and one table spoon of soy sauce and stirred until chicken was cooked.

Once the chicken was cooked I then added my vegetables and egg and mixed well and continued to cook on a low heat.

Next was cook the rice I did two cups of rice to two cups of water.

Once the rice is cooked the last step is too add the cook rice to the chicken and vegetables and mix well.

Dinner is served!

Dinner was a win for the Caesar household, hubby finished his bowl clean and my son asked for more! And it was actually a simple thing to cook and definitely will be re- cooking it again.

The Caesar family ❌

Not just a regular mum make-up routine

I thought I would share my morning make-up routine for a normal day at work.

Once my son is sitting on the couch eating his breakfast I begin my getting ready for work routine.

First I do my hair which is pretty basic and just straighten with my front area pinned back.

I break my hair up into different sections and straighten.

Then I get into my makeup! I always being with prime I use “flower hydrating primer.” I love this and definitely think it works for my face which is very dry.

Then I move onto concealer which I need a new one so bad as you can see its very used and loved! It’s the super say 24 hours. And I just apply under my eyes and blend.

Next I do my eyebrows and fill them in, I actually use my brown eyeshadow from the smoky pattelet.

I use a thin fine brush for my eyebrows and this way definitely works for me.

Next I apply my everyday work foundation, I just use the Rimmel brand called ever lasting, I use drug store make-up for work and my good make-up for weekends and special events I don’t want to waste my expensive make-up on working with children all day.

Next I highlight and I use the nude highlight.

Then I do my eyes ” I don’t wear eyeshadow at work.”

Again I use the Rimmel brand it works for my face.

And then a add a little bit of lippy and im good to go and ready for work.

A day in the life of a busy mum

Monday’s! I’m sure I’m not the only mother out there that finds Mondays the hardest or really busy…

We usually begin our Mondays around 5an as my toddler hasn’t mastered the sleeping in part yet, we have brekky Lorenzo watches cartoons well I get ready for work, once I’m ready I get Lorenzo ready and pack our bags for the day.

We get in the car and usually out the door by 7 ish but today I started at 7am so it was a 6am out the door kind of morning. On Mondays & Tuesday’s lorenzo goes to my parents rather daycare so it’s cost effective for us. Once I’ve done the drop off I’m off to work.

I work full-time as a educator and my sifts are between 7:30am to 5:30pm in those time frames.

My morning started off a little different than usual with myself trying to help a roaster who was clearly lost. Then once that was done it was time to work!

By 9:30 ish it’s my 10 minutes for morning tea before it’s back working with the kids.

When it was lunch time I was very ready for a nap, my lunch breaks are aways 40 minutes, then of course it’s back working with the kids, I’m not going to get into detail what I do in my job as it’s obvious to keep all that confidential between where I work only which I’m sure most of you will understand.

This afternoon wasn’t my usual routine but I thought I would document it anyway, I had to leave work early to make a mad rush to the hospital for my OB appointment for a scan and check up on jellybean number two.

Arrived at the hospital at 3:12 for a 4pm appointment which was good because everyone knows parking and then getting to the area of hospital you need is a nightmare sometimes.

Saw the baby and it was moving around and has long legs just like it’s brother and daddy. Then it was time to get back into the car and go pick up lorenzo from my parents house.

Once picked up we headed home to begin our crazy night routine. By the time we got home it was 5:30pm and I had missed the window to walk zues our pet dog, I take the dog for walks every afternoon just him and me which is our bonding time I like to say.

But unfortunately because of the hospital trip he missed out on a walk today. And I had to begin on dinner straight away.

Once dinner was done and dusted it was bath time which is Lorenzos favourite time.

After bath time we get in our PJs and sit in Lorenzo’s room hubby and I with our son and have about 10-15 minutes of play followed by a book of his choice to read.

By 7:30pm our son is tucked into bed kissed goodnight by both hubby and I every night we both make sure we both are tucking him into bed and making him feel loved and safe.

After our son’s in bed I have a shower and get into my PJs and honestly just become lazy and just chill until my bedtime which is always around 8:30-9pm.. I didn’t get into detail about my mummy routine at night as I’ve already been working on that in a separate blog so make sure you stay tuned.

Bot just a regular mum 💌