2019 Christmas gift guide

Who is with me when I say shopping for Christmas gifts can sometimes hard and over thought about!

Honestly I’ve had to crack down on myself and say I will now only buy Christmas gifts for a handful of people. I know they sounds bad but now that I have a family to think about I need to think better with my money. I’m thankful I have a good circle of friends and instead of buying each other gifts we just do a girls night or dinner. Because at the end of the day spending time with your friends is way nothing than receiving a gift.

But for the people I do buy gifts for I begin to make a list and write them all down.

My list:

• Lorenzo’s daycare teachers “he has 3” I like to get them something to say thank you for all they have done in that year and taking care of my child well I have to work.

• in-laws. This one is a tad hard for me as hubby comes from a divorced family and a big one. So I chose family members carefully. And it’s usually something small.

• grandparents, they never want gifts as they have everything they need so I now get Lorenzo to make them a personal gift.

• my family, we do secret santa which has proven to be very good for our family and easy, no one misses out.

• hubby, I buy him something new needs when I buy gifts for him. He just joined gym this month and needs heaps of stuff which I most likely will just buy him a gift card for a workout gear shop, something easy and he’ll like.

• sister in law, again we just buy something small for all the in laws as it’s a very big and not your typical family which we don’t really see all the time. Again maybe a gift card or I know she’s wanted a type of water bottle for a while so maybe just that.

Now that Ive made my list I start online browsing! I have the most fun doing this, I always add things to the cart and just never buy them which for some reason is fun for me! And the things I end up enjoying I’ll most likely go into the actual shop as I like to see in person what I end up buying for someone.

Teacher gifts, last year I gave all his teachers personalised water bottles with their names on them. As a educator myself I know we don’t really need anymore chocolate so I like giving gifts that are actually useful.

I have a gift in mind for this year which I won’t be saying as I know one of his teachers actually reads my blog sometimes and I don’t want to her to see it before I give it to her of course.

But here are some other great ideas.

Now I loved this idea for Lorenzo’s teachers as for the past two months maybe more he’s been collecting rocks from the car park and he brings them in for his teachers every morning or most mornings, but I’m just not this creative and mine wouldn’t turn out as good as this.

Second idea would be something cute that Lorenzo could help make for his teachers.

But again I just don’t have the skill or time!

Gift ideas for family

I love gifts that have meaning and are personal for someone.

I love this idea for my family home and my parents and then they can just extend on when my sister’s begin having their children.

Love, love, love this idea for outside the front of the house for my parents, having our family name and the year my parents married would be so cute!

Other gift ideas for family would be.

Gift idea for men

Like I said my hubby just started going to gym, so I know that this Christmas I’ll be looking at gym related gift ideas as he needs a lot!

I think you honestly can’t go wrong with a good size gym bag!

Or maybe even invest in a really nice pair of gym shoes.

If you have sister’s like me who always started making jokes about “well why did she get the bigger gift?” I like to get them all the same thing but again make it personal.

Also can’t forget the pets of the household! Zues gets spoiled at Christmas!

Last year we bought zues a random gift box full of goodies! This year he has his very on person stocking hanging up that we are planning to fill full of things he loves! Zues is on a pretty strict diet as we like to keep his coat perfect so we don’t like buying just any old foods for him, so we will buy him a doggie treat but it will be from our local pet shop. Zues also loves playing tug of war so definitely a toy related to this! And a new cute outfit or something little like that.

Now if my hubby is reading this blog please pay attention to these gift ideas for the women of the household!

I love a nice pair of comfy PJs and one that I would love that I might end up buying for myself would definitely be from Peter Alexander!

Or maybe something made from our son, love the personal touch.

So many gift guide ideas I can’t! I love buying gifts for others it’s probably the best feeling in the world and watching them open them!? Hubby finds that so weird but I don’t..

The Caesar family ❌⭕

What Santa got my toddler for Christmas 2019 🎄

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely in love with all things Christmas! But my favourite part is buying my very busy almost two year old his Christmas gifts from “santa” I’ve always been a gift giver rather a gift receiver.

For my son’s second Christmas we wanted to go less crazy and way more practical! Last year we got way to much and half barely is touched.

Every year I turn to my trusty friend Pinterest! If you don’t have a Pinterest account then trust me you’ll want one! And if you do, please follow me so I too can go and look at your pages, because it’s honestly my most used app on my phone and I love getting ideas!

Follow my Pinterest page!

Every year I begin my Christmas board!

In my Christmas board I found a really great way to space out the chips for Lorenzo this year and not have too many at the same time.

Obviously the person who made this had two kids which next year I do. But for this year I ended up changing the idea a little. I saw the “s” which gave me the idea ( from santa) a I’ve turned the “E” into a “P” ( from parents) which means in total that’s eight gifts plus his stocking will be filled with all these little Nick nacks.

Now that I’ve covered how I did my gift list for my son this year! Let’s get shopping!

Something he needs.

From the something he needs list from us we said bath toys which #kmart ended up having a little great game, that was not only very cheap but also will be a focusing game that will challenge lorenzo to keep them floating which from a educator point of view I loved! This will keep him very busy in that bath.

From something he wants from parents we got him a wooden school bus kit because he loves buses, trucks & cars. He’s definitely a boy!

School bus kit

From something he wants from santa we found a farm animal kit that we know he will love the most!

We already covered something he needs from santa which is a bath game, but from us we decided to buy shoes! He goes through his shoes like no tomorrow, as he goes to daycare 3 days a week and next year will be four! We headed to the Nike shop and found the perfect pair. We went with a summer pair and for his birthday will probably go for a winter pair but we space it out because he’s a January kid so we need to save some things for his birthday!

For something he needs, this kid also is very good at just going through all his clothes he just grows like a weed! He’s tall just like his dad. So I feel like I’m forever buying clothes for him more than me.

From santa we just went with heaps of nice clothes some from cotton kids, H&M and target, just tops and pants.

From us we wanted to get him a few new PJs for the year. For PJs we went to my favourite shop which is Peter Alexander we bought one nice set from here because I just couldn’t help myself.

For something educational, from santa we got him a all in one art easel, that we know he will love!

And from us the parents we got him a puzzle/ learning toy.

And that is what we got Lorenzo gift wise for Christmas, he also has a Christmas stocking so we have made a list of items (small) that we will be putting in their.

And our Christmas stocking list is:

• ball ( he loves bouncing balls)

• toothbrush ( always need to update)

• a kids bath bomb ( something little)

• little hot cars ( he loves cars)

This year was easy and bought all the gifts before December has even begun! All thanks to Pinterest and online shopping! I would love to here ideas of ways you guys do Christmas shopping for your kids I’m always looking for cost effective ways to keep myself from spending way too much and also buying way too much. Also if you loved this blog say tuned as I’m working on my gift list for 2019 so if your looking for ideas I’ve got you covered.

The Caesar family ❌

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

I love Christmas it’s my favourite time of year, and now that I have children I love it even more! This will be Lorenzo’s second Christmas and this year his excitement level is really high! He knows Santa and whenever he sees a santa in the shops or even on tv he always begins yelling out “Santa”

Last year our tree was thin and just looked sad so we bought a new Christmas tree which made me very happy! Here in Australia we sadly don’t have real Christmas trees in the house and if we do it’s really really pricey! So it’s the good old fake trees. This year I wanted a nice fall tree and something that will last a few years, target actually had really nice Christmas trees this year which is where we picked ours up.

Of course I get hubby to in fluff it all and make it pretty!

Once the tree is set, we put on the lights which usually is our first step but hubby had to go out so this step had to wait until later, and me being me I just had to decorate straight away!

My theme this year is gold and white, I couldn’t find a white Nutcracker so sliver was the closest, but I think it works perfectly. I of course have to have baby Jesus in our Christmas decorations as he’s the main reason for Christmas.

The sliver and gold Nutcrackers are from again target! I’m definitely a target girl this year, I just found they had much cuter decorations.

When it comes to decorating the tree I’m definitely not Martha Stewart and it’s perfect, oh I wish I could do the perfect tree as you see all these stunning ones on Pinterest but every year I do try and every year it never looks like the pictures!

First I add the ball balls. I have my own little way of placing them so it’s a good amount of gold is to white. I go down the tree by three. So I start from the left and go white, gold, white, gold. Then I go to the middle and do gold, white, gold, white and of the right hand side I do white, gold, white and gold. I’ve actually looked up how to do it perfectly and Pinterest said to do it zig zag which I did try! This tree took two attempts trust me! But it just didn’t flow as right so I went back to just how I do things.

Next was adding the little Nick nacks to fill in the spaces, so Lorenzo’s star he made at daycare, and we also have a few keep sake items like a little Nutcracker, Santa slay with a mini Christmas tree and Lorenzo this year picked out a little bear. We also have these little decoration piece which are sliver little “berries” from the cheap shop $2 each to also fill in the tree! I used to use tinsel but I’ve grown up and find the tree looks way better without it.

Last year hubby started a memory with Lorenzo where they both put up the star on-top of the tree together between them. Which he followed this year. Unfortunately I lost my star from last year so we had to re-buy one but Lorenzo saw the angel and wanted it so this year we don’t have a star but I kind of like the angel.

I also have added a few more Christmas decorations around the house and still want to add some things so it’s not 100% finished but semi close to it.

I know some people find it weird to out up the Christmas stuff in November but I just love Christmas and if all the shops can do it so can I!

How do you decorate your house for the holiday season!? I would love to here what you and your families do so please leave a comment down below.

The Caesar family 🎄