Elizabeth Ann Caesar

If your reading this blog this would mean our sweet baby girl has finally arrived. Before we share any information on her birth and how she’s going I wanted to write up a blog about her name and why our sweet baby girl was always going to be Elizabeth Ann.

Her name Elizabeth is after this lady right here the women I’ve called my grandmother since I was very little. She’s not my grandmother by blood or by marriage but she’s always told us she is our grandmother and we are her grandchildren.

My family moved from Scotland to Australia leaving all our aunties & uncles behind and starting a new life. When we firsted moved here my parents didn’t know many people, my mother was working as a midwife and my father was a police officer. My mother was working along side Elizabeth, they grew a bond and I don’t know why or how but this women and her husband John who had no children of their own soon became our family.

Growing up we called Elizabeth betty “apparently we found it hard to say Elizabeth when little.” She’s been my grandmother for as long as I can remember, my favorite memories are the little ones. Betty and I used to bake a lot growing up she’s the women who basically got me into cooking. In primary school I got sick a lot and spent those days with betty we would bake or play with playdough or even just the sleep overs. She’s been a women who I’ve looked up too my whole life, her power, her Grace & strength and even her love for god has shown me she’s the women I’ve wanted to be more like and a women I want my daughther to be named after so my sweet baby girl knows even in hard times or when she’s feeling down she’s got this because she’s named after a women that is a fighter.

Her middle name.

Her middle name is Ann after my grandmother who passed away when I was very little. A women I miss with all my heart a women that betty has never tried to replace or fill her shoes but teach us what she would of if she was given the chance. Although I don’t remember my grandmother Ann I’ve always been told stories, and reading my mother’s side of the family tree she was a women that came from a very hard life growing up, she worked hard to get where she needed to be, she was apparently very artistic and a very good writer, when I here stories of my grandmother Ann but everyone called her nancy I only take from them is how strong she was, she was a fighter who wore her heart on her sleeves, she was probably a hard women to please but once you knew her, you knew she had a heart of gold.

Ann rowen

When it came to naming our sweet baby girl we knew Elizabeth Ann Caesar was the name for her, after two strong women who are both very much loved. We want our baby girl to know how loved she is, how strong she will be and that no matter what life throws her way she can do it and do it great.

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