Raising a toddler

I’ve recently changed my blog from “new mummy ” to not just a regular mum. The reason for this change is simple I’m now a mother to a one and a half year old or if you want to be technical a 15 month old.

Which this basically means I’m now called a “seasoned” parent which yes if you didn’t think each stage of parenting had terms I’m here to inform you that apparently they do.. I learned this from a mother who has 3 kids all in primary school and then I went home and googled it and I found it all to be crazy but for the sake of the blog I’m a “seasoned” mother. Basically this means I’m now at the stage of parenthood where people stop giving you advice.

But if I’m being 100% honest the toddler stage I’ve just entered is probably the stage I wish someone told me more about. When Lorenzo was a baby although I didn’t cope well with the newborn stage I knew what to do from 8 years working in childcare and the last 3 of those in the babies room. But as soon as my son hit one I was actually at a loss!

But after a few months I’m slowly learning this is the best age to raise a kid And raising a toddler is fun. I love that my son is super chatty and some things that comes out of his mouth are hilarious. My son has recently learnt to tell us when he’s done a “wee” or a poo” so one day he randomly stood there in the middle of the shops pointing at his nappy saying ” wee wee”

And yes we have started toilet training because he’s clearly ready.

My sons also at the stage of just randomly doing weird stuff! He’s become my source of entertainment and I could watch him all day do some pretty random stuff. He loves walking around the house with a sheet or a piece of clothing over his head well walking like a zombie.

But he’s also at the stage on testing his boundaries which sometimes it’s a battle between mummy and son and sometimes it’s a funny moment between us. When he does something he knows he’s not meant to do or about to go do that thing like “play with the tv” he will just freeze and stand still and think he’s hiding.. even though you can see him, then he gets this cheeky grin and walks away. Or about 20 times a day his favourite word is “oh no”

But raising my toddler is also very testing sometimes. He’s gotten very good at throwing a tantrum even kicks his legs and all. I once made the mistake at the shops to take him out of the pram and let him walk. Which I highly do not recommend because people don’t seem to like that. Anyway when it was time to put him back in let’s just say I was one of those parents who you see walking around with a screaming toddler under their arm.

Raising a toddler has its challenges but is so rewarding with random bursts of love from my son. I love when he randomly comes up to me a hugs me but he has to make the sound effects with a hug which is always “aww” well hugging you or he now can blow you a kiss goodbye which pulls at my heart strings or staying goodbye is getting harder and harder because he cry out the words “mumma”

raising a toddler means more adventures all the things you dream about and can’t wait doing with your kids when pregnant you finally get to do and watch them enjoy every minute of being adventurous!

Raising a toddler means more learning and growing! At the moment my son is loving gardening and being outside so I’ve been teaching him all about flowers and how to be gentle with them.

Raising a toddler has already been an amazing journey and my only piece of advice for other mothers who are yet to experience this stage is to worry less and enjoy more. I’m definitely not going to give you advice because every child is different and what works for me might not work for other parents so just enjoy your little ones.

Not just a regular mum 🌿

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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