The right fit & the right daycare for your child

What to look for in a daycare for your child, how to know when it’s the right fit for your little one. My full time job is a daycare educator I’ve been in the childcare industry for eight years and even having a year off and working out of childcare I managed to come back because I missed it.

Now I’m a full time mummy who still works in the childcare industry with my little one in daycare. I’ve worked in over four different daycares and have been at the fourth daycare for five years now. I’m going to give you the insider tips on how to choose a great reliable centre for your child. Because i know as a full time working mum you want your child in the best care possible as it’s going to be there second home.

what to look for:

  • Look at how the educators are interacting with the kids. The one thing I love about the daycare my son is at his how his teachers really sit with him and teach and play. I love that they love him just as much as I do.
  • Look at what they are teaching the kids. Ask questions, for the Australian mummy’s i know that you should definitely look at the program wall. That will tell you the most information. For example right now my son is focusing on technology this term and self care.
  • What area are you looking for, what hours these are obviously very important details.
  • Availability and waiting list, the centre I work at has a waiting list of years because it’s the best in the area but if you want your child in straight away this clearly isn’t the centre for you.
  • Ask or you can do a quick online check to see what the centre NSQ rating is. This is called national quality standards rating. All childcare’s in Australia have a rating and this will also show you if the daycare is a right fit for you.
  • If your picking a childcare that provides food for them, look at the menu board ” if they have one.” And see if it’s healthy choices and different throughout the week and not just a repeat all the time.
  • Look at the room and the stuff in and out, I know this is a weird one but I’ve worked at a daycare where it looked very outdated and old and now I work at a centre that takes pride in the way every little looks. This is definitely something you want when looking at a centre for your child. Because it means your child will get nothing but the best well at the service. And there’s nothing worse then dropping your child off to a centre that looks old and warn down.
  • Are the kids happy! Look at the children, do they all run around and interact with everyone or are they all robots and not enjoying themselves?
  • Space! Is the rooms cramped together or is it nice a big and open?

As a educator these are things I look for when I picked a daycare for my son, for me it was given to put Lorenzo in the daycare I work at not just because I worked there, trust me I looked into different centres as well. But this is why I loved the daycare my son is at.

Things I love about my sons daycare:

  • The centres philosophy is a very big Christian based which is something I do look for as I grew up like this and my son will too.
  • I love the look and feel about the daycare. I love how homey and inviting it looks. I love the repetition staff they are always so nice and chatty.
  • I love the little extra details my sons centre does, for example school holiday programs are always fun activities even in the babies room. I love all the family events and to see all the families coming together. You definitely get that community feel.
  • I love the “bush kindy.” At Lorenzo’s daycare it is attached to a area that’s classed as bush that has a little river. Just recently a few educators did a course about safety etc and now we are able to take the children on bush walks. It’s amazing to see all the kids enjoy this and be so involved in nature. I love that it’s turned my son into a outside boy.
  • I do love that his centre provides food, as a working mum I couldn’t think of anything worse then having to do my sons lunch box as well I know I eventually will have to for school, but it’s nice right now to know he’s getting healthy meals that are amazing.

Whatever daycare you pick for your child please remember that all educators hold a workers blue card that is police checked so your child is definitely is good hands.

Every educator has to do CPR and first aid training so please know your child is safe and in good hands.

Also definitely go with your gut feeling if you just don’t feel comfortable having your child in daycare or at that daycare always stick with it.

My son every morning gets so excited for kindy that some mornings it’s the first thing he will say in the morning. To me this is a massive endurance that my son is happy and well cared for when I can’t watch him.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message!

Mummy shark 😘

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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