tips for transitioning into daycare

Lorenzo has started daycare! And although most parents would be sad to see their baby off to daycare I am not because I work at the same daycare my son attends. So yes I’m a much happier mummy because my son is finally with me daily again.

But now that Lorenzo is in daycare you would of thought I would’ve had my sh*t together, sadly however I did not! His first day I forgot bed sheets for his cot & jumper! Mum fail 101. And you think as a educator I probably should of remember the basic stuff, But day two I was a pro and was well over prepared.

Helpful tips when packing the daycare bag for your baby:

  • Zip lock bags are your best friend. Spare clothes of each outfit. ” I’d pack 3 spare outfits just to be safe.
  • Lunch box bag or cooler bag for bottles and formula, this way it saves room in the bag and also keeps everything together.
  • Name everything!
  • Pack sheets in a spare pillow case
  • Zip lock bag for spare dummies

Tips to help educator to parents:

As a educator we deal with a lot of children daily, for example in the nursery the ratio is 2 educators to 8 babies or some places it’s 3 educators to 12 babies. That’s a lot of children, a lot of parents to remember names etc. so these are just some of the ways to help the educators say & also make sure they are hearing all your needs for your child.

  • Every daycare mornings should be the same routine, this helps the child get used to daycare and also understand. This helps with those children who cry a lot ( and it’s perfectly normal for a child to cry.)
  • When dropping off don’t hang around too long but also don’t just dump and run. Walk in show them a toy to play with saying your going, give a hug and walk off. If they cry don’t come back it effects them more. Just keep walking, trust me in five minutes their fine.
  • Encourage the child, talk to them about all the fun activities they will do today on the car ride to daycare.
  • Implementing it at home & daycare

Things to always check or ask:

  • At drop off if the child had a bad night sleep let the educator know, I know it sounds silly but if that child’s mood starts to change they then know why. So any little detail is important.
  • We love when parents read the day book to catch up on their child’s day, we also have a program wall which has extra information on what activities your child is doing and why, I also encourage you too look at this.
  • Talk to us! Ask the educator how their day was, what activities they did we don’t bite.
  • It’s ok to call in and check ( at the beginning.)
  • If your child is not meeting a milestone you would like him too it’s ok to ask if they could start encouraging that milestone at daycare. For example Lorenzo can roll over but gets lazy he is five months old. So I asked the educators in his room to give him more tummy time to get used to rolling over more.

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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