Ways to include tummy time in your baby’s routine

From the day Lorenzo turned 3 weeks old I had him doing tummy time for five minutes everyday and these are my helpful tips for you mummies out their to make it as fun and stimulating for your new born as possible.

First off the benefits for your baby to begin tummy time from day one are simple

  • Helps their muscle development and of course the most obvious neck muscles and strength.
  • Helps build those muscles that help later on when your baby starts rolling over and sitting up.
  • Helps with reflux in babies

When Lorenzo was only just 3 weeks when he was on tummy time I used to have to help move his head facing straight down so that he learnt how to turn his own neck from side to side. This also helps them not to stay too long on one side of their face and get flat face.

I bought a mirror from Kmart that was easy to place on the floor and for Lorenzo’s to have under his face so even though his face was on the mirror he could see himself from a close up. This was not only Tummy time but helps with their development in understanding objects and facial experiences from a early age.

Babies are still working out everything that is around them, they seem to enjoy looking at different shapes, bright colours and textures. So try and encourage tummy time with a few of these things and your baby will enjoy tummy time in no time.

One thing I would like to say as a educator and my field area is actually babies, it’s very important that if your baby is fussy about tummy time and doesn’t enjoy it please don’t roll them over straight away pick a number and count to it and if they are still crying then yes by all means roll them over. I’ve seen too many babies with flat head or no muscle strength or motivation to crawl because they didn’t get tummy time a lot when younger. Tummy time is so very important for your baby’s development and if you want them crawling then they need to be doing tummy time.

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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