Finding myself

The past few weeks my head and mind have definitely been clouded and I definitely have felt my mood drop and my friendships suffer because of this.

Instead of continuing down this pathway I’ve decided to fix it. I have looked at the problems and am fixing them.

My main issue is my self love & self confidence. Yes I did just give birth so I shouldn’t be so hard on my body but I am. I can feel myself slowly getting a little too comfortable with just sitting around and enjoying all the foods and not caring about the harm it will effect me tomorrow. I’m still eating as if I’m pregnant and not even trying to eat better.

On the weekend I went shopping with my little family for new clothes as I don’t fit any that I own because my overall body shape is different since giving birth, but when shopping I got frustrated because I couldn’t find the motivation to try on clothes or find something because I don’t feel sexy in my own skin right now.

So on Sunday I changed that feeling and went on a healthy food shop and did meal preparation, Monday morning I woke up and well my son was still sleeping I smashed out a workout and ate healthy foods all day, I instantly felt 100% better and it definitely showed in my mood.

Although this is only day one and I know it will be hard for the first two weeks to stick to my healthy lifestyle I know I can do this and I can’t wait to show you all the end results!

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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