Tips for surviving pregnancy

As a first time mother myself I found pregnancy to be overwhelming at times. People tell you how to eat, what to read, what you should be/ shouldn’t be doing the list is endless, these people think their helping you but really you start to feel stressed & overwhelmed with these people overcrowding you. These are my survival tips for a first time mummy.

  1. Relax – seems pretty straight forward right!? But honestly pregnancy turns everyone crazy. People are forever in your face, wanting to feel baby, asking you questions all the time. Remember to always make time for you, if you want a nap take a nap! If anyone as options about you napping all the time who cares their not growing a human who sucks the life out of you.
  2. Get a hobby- this one I wish i thought about at the very beginning and not when I hit my 3rd trimester. Nine months is a long time to be pregnant and you honestly start to go stir crazy. ” well I did.” Until I began this blog. The hobby you chose takes your mind off the pregnancy for a little bit and makes you think about anything but that!
  3. Surrounded yourself with supportive people – I learnt this the hard way, I let one negative comment from one person get to me and it’s now effective me my whole pregnancy and still upsets me. So for the sake of your health and the babies health just cut them out. Honestly you will feel better mentally and emotionally once you do. And I will continue this into my parenting.
  4. Keep a open mind- things will change, for example I had this plan I would work right up until 37 weeks pregnant. But my health and baby had other ideas, I was put on light duties by the doctor and midwifes say at 30 weeks. And unfortunately had to stop working at 35 weeks pregnant. It was hard for me because I had a plan but unfortunately it is what it is.
  5. Carry a little pregnancy kit in your bag- I first found that tip out in my second trimester when I was feeling so ill. One of the ladies at work told me I should make a first aid kit for myself to bring to work. So I made a pregnancy kit! And it was the most helpful advice. I bought a cheap little black make up travel bag from Kmart and filled it up. I had my reflux tablets i lived off in my black travel bag, dry crackers, wipes, liners, gum.
  6. Buy a cheap water bottle – you are always needing to keep your fluids up and again I learnt this the hard way and ended up in hospital so dehydrated. Water is your best friend in pregnancy! So always have a water bottle or buy a water when out.
  7. Buy the bra extensions rather then a $40 maternity bra – I don’t know why Maternity bras have to be expensive for a bra that you won’t wear after birth because you then have to buy nursing bras which are totally different. So I just bought a cheap bra extension for my normal every day bras and it did the trick. And I saved a lot of money
  8. Preparing things early- I washed all my sons new baby clothes and set up all his bedding and sheets back in my second trimester. Sounds a bit crazy but honestly I’m glad I did it because now I’m 38 weeks pregnant I couldn’t think of anything worst! In your last trimester you sleep most the day away so I’m so glad we bought everything we needed to buy and set things up earlier. Of course the baby bag and car seat we left until the last minute but hey we are not perfect!

Hope you found some of these helpful. I can’t believe the overwhelming response I’ve gotten in just the past two days of people reading these blog post so thank you! Hopefully I’m not boring anyone with my bad grammar and probably spelling too.

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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