Three things you see differently when pregnant

Since being pregnant I’ve noticed a lot of little things have changed around me. These are 3 BIG things I’ve noticed.

  • Your circle of friends, even the ones closest to you change. Some just stop really talking to you ( at first I didn’t understand.) but now that I’m only 5 weeks away from having this baby I’ve noticed my life path to theirs is totally different. I’ve started getting to know other people who I never really spoke to before. So yes your circle of friends changes big time! But for me it was for the better.
  • As a educator I used to see ( helicopter parents ) which is a term we use for a parent who smothers their child way to much. I used to have conversations with these such parents on a daily basis and get so frustrated. I used to say ( man if that child was mine, they would not get away with that at my house.) but again things are so different once you become a parent yourself. I have begun to understand why these parents are like that, ” I’ve taken off my educator glasses and put my parent glasses on.” Every parenting style is different because every child is different.
  • For some reason everyone you know has advice for you and it drives you nuts! For me what really drives me nuts is the people who don’t have children of their own who give you advice… until you have experienced pregnancy and labour for me that advice is in one ear and out the other. I don’t mean it in a personal way but it’s like me giving out advice on how to not fall pregnant when I’m pregnant. Even as a educator myself I used to think I knew everything about babies because I have worked in that such room for years now. But I was totally wrong, I’ve learnt so much on top of what I’ve already learnt through work. And I’m sure I will continue to keep learning. And even when my friends do fall pregnant, I have told them I’ll be the one with the bottle of wine drinking to myself and just praying for you. Because every pregnancy is 100% different, every body is different and every baby is different.

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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