Routine yay or nay?

This will probably be a long read so get those coffees ready!

When it comes to the way I want to parent and how the hubby wants to parent we are pretty similar in most areas. But unfortunately we have different point a views on setting a routine for our son.

Hayden is a very laid back “Aussie man.” But me on the other hand who has worked in childcare for six years, and 3 of those have been in the nursery, I love my parents who have a routine! Because I love routine myself, my whole job is based around a daily routine I follow with the children. My one piece of advice for any parent putting their child in care is always set a routine. Not only does it benefit the child, to make their transition from home to care easy. But it also makes the parents routine at home run easy and a smooth transition. Their is nothing worst then having your child in care all day with no routine and you’ve had a busy day and your child doesn’t want dinner at his or her normal time etc. a easy transition between care and home is probably one of the most important things I personally feel.

So naturally with all that said, of course I’m already thinking of a routine for my son. I am only taking six months off work and then I’m straight back at work. But the best thing about that is my child will be at the centre I work at. But he will definitely need a routine for daycare.

I’ve been doing heaps of research of different routines and why routines are important and when to start a routine. Nevertheless newborns are clearly not ready for a routine straight a way. Their still trying to adapt to being out of the womb and you as a parent still trying to be a parent. But in saying that for the first six weeks their is still a lot of little things you can do to help gain a routine later down the track.

Hayden and I both agreed that for the first six weeks their will be no routines. But after six weeks we will begin to build one. But we also agreed after reading many different articles that these few things will help for later down the track.

  • Encourage for active feeds. In most of the articles women said that they struggled the most with their baby sleeping after feeds because they would fall asleep on the boob and be wide awake in the cot. So I definitely want to keep my son very active when he is feeding to ensure his sleeps are longer and better.
  • Have your babies cot next your bed but not co sleeping together. Your still co sleeping but they know that their bed is not your bed. They say this will help the transition from your room to their own room later down the track.
  • It’s never too early to start tummy time. This will help build neck and core strength from a early age.
  • Understanding the cries. One massive thing I’ve learnt over the years of being a educator, are babies are smart! Even newborns. They can play you to get what they want. Some cries are nothing, some cries are for food, sleep or changing. So in the middle of the night when you know you’ve just fed and changed them. Don’t pick them up, as harsh as that sounds they will stop crying. But if you pick them up, that’s when they know all they have to do is cry to get what they want and you can say goodbye to sleep.

Things to know before making up a routine:

  • 0-4 weeks
  • Feeds – 6-10 times 24hrs
  • Play time – 10-20 minutes after feeds 2-3 times.
  • Sleep – 15-17 hrs every 24hrs.
  • 4-8 weeks
  • Feeds – 5-8 times 24hrs
  • Play time – 30 minuets
  • Sleep – 3-5 hrs a day
  • 8-12 weeks
  • Feeds – 5-6 times 24hrs
  • Play – 30 – 60mins
  • Sleep – 3-5 hrs

After reading all the important articles this is the routine that I have made that I think will help. ( I know that I’m not trained in this area so please don’t take any of my advice to heart, this is just what Hayden and I will be doing.

0-4 months routine:

  • 5am – feed
  • 6am– sleep 2hrs
  • 8am– feed
  • 9am to 11am awake
  • 11am -sleep
  • 12:30noon – feed
  • 1:30pm – play
  • 2pm- sleep
  • 3pm – feed
  • 4pm – sleep
  • 5pm– bath time
  • 6pm– feed
  • 7pm to 9pm – sleep
  • 9pm– feed
  • 10pm to 12am – sleep
  • 1am- feed
  • 2am to 5am – sleep


  • Feeds – 8 feeds 4 during the day and 4 at night.
  • Sleep– 13hrs total

Of course my son is not born yet and we might have to adapt to a new routine once he is born. He might not even want to follow this set routine or he might sleep less or longer then this set routine. I know I can easily adapt and changes things to my sons needs. But until we both know what works best for baby, Hayden & I this is the best routine we could make work for our lifestyle.

Author: Thecaesarfamily

Brisbane Australia Mother to a toddler and his name is Lorenzo. wife Baby girl due April the 24th 2020 oh and I work full time as a teacher. I blog it all! Tackling motherhood with a whole lot of bribery.

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